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West Central Distribution LLC details and products

CO_AG_ID 2820
Address PO Box 897
Company West Central Distribution LLC
City Willmar
State MN
ZIP 56201
Country USA
Phone 3202358518
Fax 3202357929
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8995/28202020Soygreen No 9/14/2020Iron Ortho-Ortho Eddha
8996/28202020Soygreen Liquid No 9/14/2020Iron Eddha
8997/28202020Boron 10 No 9/14/2020Boric Acid
8921/28202019Soygreen AST No 12/23/2019Iron Eddha
8737/28202019Soygreen No 4/8/2019Ortho-Ortho Eddha
8738/28202019Soygreen Granular 0-0-0 No 4/8/2019Chelated Iron,Ortho-Ortho Eddha
8561/28202018Soygreen Liquid No 8/13/2018Iron Edta
8192/28202017Ammend Boron 10 No 5/30/2017Boric Acid
8150/28202016Soygreen Granular 0-0-0 No 12/16/2016Chelated Iron,Ortho-Ortho Eddha
8122/28202016Source Boron 12 No 8/30/2016Boric Acid
8123/28202016Soygreen No 8/30/2016Ortho Ortho Eddha
8124/28202016Soygreen Liquid No 8/30/2016Iron Eddha