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Compass Minerals USA Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 2775
Address 9900 W 109th St Ste 200
Company Compass Minerals USA Inc.
City Overland Park
State KS
ZIP 66210
Country USA
Phone 9133272405
First Name Matt
Last Name Odegaard
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Product Applications


List of Product Applications by Year and Waste for the company listed above
Link: IDRegistration YearProduct NameWaste DerivedReviewed OnProduct Waste
8992/27752020ProAcqua Mn EDTA No 4/5/2021Manganese (Mn) Edta
8993/27752020ProAcqua Nourish Mn No 4/5/2021Cu Edta,Mn Edta,Zn Edta
8994/27752020ProAcqua Nourish Zn No 4/5/2021Cu Edta,Mn Edta,Zn Edta
9075/27752020Wolf Trax 62% Zinc DDP 0-0-0 No 2/16/2021Zinc Oxide,Zinc Sulfate
9076/27752020Wolf Trax 33% Manganese DDP 0-0-0 No 2/16/2021Manganese Oxide,Manganese Sulfate
9077/27752020Wolf Trax 57.5% Copper DDP 0-0-0 No 2/16/2021Copper Oxide,Copper Sulfate
9078/27752020Wolf Trax 47% Iron DDP 0-0-0 No 2/16/2021Iron Amino Acid Complex ,Iron Oxide
9079/27752020ProAcqua Fe EDTA 0-0-0 No 2/16/2021Iron Edta
8924/27752020Proacqua Elevate No 2/7/2020Cobalt Edta,Sodium Molybdate
8910/27752019Wolf Tray 3-Trax DDP No 11/1/2019Boric Acid,Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate,Manganese Oxide,Manganese Sulfate,Zinc Sulfate,Zine Oxide
8398/27752018Proacqua Cu EDTA No 1/24/2018Copper Edta
8399/27752018Proacqua Fe EDTA No 1/24/2018Iron Edta
8400/27752018Proacqua Mn EDTA No 1/24/2018Manganese Edta
8401/27752018Proacqua Nourish Mn No 1/24/2018Copper Edta,Manganese Edta,Zinc Edta
8402/27752018Proacqua Nourish Zn No 1/24/2018Copper Edta,Manganese Edta,Zinc Edta
8403/27752018Proacqua Zn EDTA No 1/24/2018Zinc Edta