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Light Manufacturing Co. details and products

CO_AG_ID 1199
Address 519 SE Main
Company Light Manufacturing Co.
City Portland
State OR
ZIP 97214
County Multanomah
Country USA
Phone (503) 231-1582
Fax (503) 231-5644
First Name Rajiam
Last Name Pursifull
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Product Detail for 2001 Golden Grow Micro-Gold

WSDA Product ID (PR_AG_ID) 1199002
Registration Year 2001
Manufacturer Id 1199
Product Name Golden Grow Micro-Gold
Maximum Application Rate 95
Waste Derived Flag No
Micro Nutrient Flag Yes
TCLP Flag No
Totals Flag No
Arsenic Level <0.01 ppm
Barium Level <0.01 ppm
Cadmium Level <0.003 ppm
Chromium Level <0.01 ppm
Mercury Level <0.005 ppm
Lead Level 0.14 ppm
Selenium Level <0.01 ppm
Silver Level <0.02 ppm
Halogenated Organic Carbon Level 0.0003%
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Level
Review Complete Date
DeptAgricultureOkFlag No
Comments Null
Waste Type
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