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Bio-Gro, Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 915
Address P.O. Box 1004
Company Bio-Gro, Inc.
City Sunnyside
State WA
ZIP 98944
County Yakima
Country USA
Phone (509) 839-4110
Fax (509) 894-4105
First Name Robert
Last Name Knittel
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Product Detail for 2006 NUE Premium Boron 4%

WSDA Product ID (PR_AG_ID) 9150036
Registration Year 2006
Manufacturer Id 915
Product Name NUE Premium Boron 4%
Maximum Application Rate 14
Waste Derived Flag No
Micro Nutrient Flag Yes
TCLP Flag No
Totals Flag No
Arsenic Level NA
Barium Level NA
Cadmium Level NA
Chromium Level NA
Mercury Level NA
Lead Level NA
Selenium Level NA
Silver Level NA
Halogenated Organic Carbon Level NA
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Level
Review Complete Date 9/11/2006
DeptAgricultureOkFlag No
Comments This product is made from a naturally occurring mineral (ulexite) with no waste materials involved. This information made requirement to conduct leachable metals or halogenated organic compound testing unnecessary.
Waste Type
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