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U.S. Borax, Inc. details and products

CO_AG_ID 328
Address 26877 Tourney Road
Company U.S. Borax, Inc.
City Valencia
State CA
ZIP 91355-1847
Country USA
Phone (805) 287-5650
Fax (805) 287-5545
First Name Jan
Last Name Moat
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Product Detail for 2017 20 Mule Team Solubor Soluble Borate

WSDA Product ID (PR_AG_ID) 3280003
Registration Year 2017
Manufacturer Id 328
Product Name 20 Mule Team Solubor Soluble Borate
Maximum Application Rate 3
Waste Derived Flag No
Micro Nutrient Flag Yes
TCLP Flag Yes
Totals Flag No
Arsenic Level 0.05
Barium Level 1
Cadmium Level 0.05
Chromium Level 0.05
Mercury Level 0.05
Lead Level 0.05
Selenium Level 0.001
Silver Level 0.1
Halogenated Organic Carbon Level 0.05
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Level
Review Complete Date 10/5/2017
DeptAgricultureOkFlag Yes
Waste Type Sodium Borate
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