Document Repository for BNSF Railway Black Tank Property
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Group: Legal

 Agreed Order for RI/FS Black Tank - Marathon Signed07/01/2012Agreed OrderShow
 Agreed Order for RI/FS Black Tank - BNSF Signed07/11/2012Agreed OrderShow
 Amendment No. 1: Agreed Order for BNSF Black Tank site07/12/2018Agreed Order AmendmentShow
 Consent Decree for CAP: Black Tank07/25/2019Consent DecreeShow

Group: Public Information

 BNSF Railway Black Tank Fact Sheet - Comments Invited on AO for RIFS07/20/2012Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Responsiveness Summary for Agreed Order BNSF Black Tank08/21/2012Responsiveness SummaryShow
 BNSF Railway Black Tank Property - FAQs (revised)09/15/2016FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)Show
 Public input invited on draft Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study: BNSF Black Tank Property05/17/2017Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Response to Comments: Remedial Investigation & Feasibility Study Black Tank07/31/2017Responsiveness SummaryShow
 Proposed shallow soil removal: BNSF Black Tank Property06/01/2018Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Response to Comments: Draft Agreed Order Amendment to Remove Contaminated Shallow Soil at the BNSF Black Tank Property07/12/2018Responsiveness SummaryShow
 Public invited to comment on draft Cleanup Action Plan: Black Tank05/13/2019Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 BNSF Black Tank Draft Cleanup Action Plan public presentation05/22/2019MultimediaShow
 Response to Comments: Draft CAP, CD & SEPA documents for BNSF Black Tank Property06/18/2019Responsiveness SummaryShow

Group: State Environmental Policy Act

 SEPA Environmental Checklist: Black Tank shallow soil removal05/14/2018SEPA DocumentsShow
 SEPA Determination of Non-significance: Black Tank shallow soil removal05/15/2018SEPA DocumentsShow
 SEPA Environmental Checklist: Black Tank CAP04/16/2019SEPA DocumentsShow
 Determination of Non-significance: Black Tank CAP04/29/2019SEPA DocumentsShow

Group: Technical Reports

 BNSF Black Tank Property - Letters re: North Spokane Corridor and Black Tank Site10/26/2016Site Specific Administrative Document - other (Administrative correspondence)Show
 Black Tank Remedy Framework Agreement03/01/2017Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Report: BNSF Black Tank Property03/06/2017Remedial Investigation / Feasibility StudyShow
 CAP Scope of Work & Schedule: Black Tank04/01/2019Scope Of WorkShow
 Cleanup Action Plan: Black Tank06/19/2019Cleanup Action PlanShow