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Group: Legal

 East Waterway Agreed Order with K-C, Port, and DNR02/16/2016Agreed OrderShow
 Letter to Department of Natural Resources Regarding Project Coordinators04/13/2016Agreed OrderShow
 Letter to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Regarding Project Coordinators04/13/2016Agreed OrderShow
 Letter to Port of Everett Regarding Project Coordinators04/13/2016Agreed OrderShow
 East Waterway Agreed Order with U.S. Navy01/09/2018Agreed OrderShow
 East Waterway Agreed Order DE 11350 - Project Coordinators09/21/2018Agreed OrderShow

Group: Public Information

 East Waterway Fact Sheet June 201506/12/2015Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Draft Public Participation Plan - East Waterway Site06/17/2015Public Participation PlanShow
 East Waterway Public Meeting Presentation July 201507/16/2015Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Summary Response to Public Comment on: Draft Agreed Order. East Waterway. Everett, WA02/01/2016Responsiveness SummaryShow
 East Waterway Fact Sheet March 201703/28/2017Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Summary Response to Public Comment on: Draft Agreed Order with the Navy09/15/2017Responsiveness SummaryShow

Group: Technical Reports

 Everett Harbor Action Program: Eval. of Potential Contaminant Sources 198807/01/1988Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 East Waterway Site Management Strategic Plan 199201/01/1992Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 Everett East Waterway PSO4 Combined Sewer Overflow Characterization. Sampling and Quality Assurance Project Plan08/17/2018Sampling and Analysis PlanShow
 Everett East Waterway Combined Sewer Overflow Solids Sampling Data Memorandum01/08/2019Remedial Action ReportShow
 Port of Everett: Pier 3 N Baseline Surface Sediment Characterization Sampling and Analysis Plan.09/23/2019Sampling and Analysis PlanShow