Eatonville Landfill
Nisqually State Park Entrance Mashel Prairie Rd, Eatonville, WA 98328


We invite your comment on the legal agreement, Agreed Order (AO) DE20072, and Public Participation Plan for the Eatonville Landfill Site. 

Two documents are available for your review and comment.

  • Agreed Order No. DE 20072 (AO). The AO requires preparation of documents required for planning cleanup of the Site. These documents include a Remedial Investigation (RI) Work Plan and RI report. The RI report identifies the type of contamination and where it is found at the Site. The Feasibility Study (FS) compares cleanup methods, and the preliminary draft Cleanup Action Plan (dCAP) describes the method used to cleanup the Site.
  • Public Participation Plan. The plan describes how Ecology informs the community about cleanup at the Site. The plan encourages community involvement in cleanup decisions.

Ecology is entering into the AO with the Town of Eatonville (Eatonville) and the Weyerhaeuser Company (Weyerhaeuser). Eatonville and Weyerhaeuser are the potentially liable persons (PLPs) responsible for cleanup.

Ecology will provide Eatonville with a grant up to $357,000 to fund their share of the investigation and to plan for cleanup at the Site.

A fact sheet briefly summarizes information about the Site and the AO.  

Ecology will consider comments submitted during the comment period and may change the documents based on comments. 

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The bottom of the landfill is down a very steep slope. Some waste is only partially covered.
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The Site is about 3.5 miles west of the Town of Eatonville. The landfill is an unlined, unfenced dump site about two acres in size. 

Weyerhaeuser leased the property to Eatonville for use as a dump. Refuse was deposited from about 1950 until about 1980. The landfill is on a very steep slope. Municipal solid waste, appliances, car parts, empty drums, tires, and other waste was disposed of at the Site and waste burning occurred there. 

The Nisqually State Park surrounds the landfill. The state plans to develop recreational facilities in the area where the landfill is located. 

The Nisqually Indian Tribe holds fishing, hunting and gathering rights in the Nisqually watershed and the area around the landfill is culturally important to them.

There is a wetland at the lower end of the base of the landfill. Water from the wetland flows downstream about 1/4 mile to the Mashel River. A major tributary of the Nisqually River, the Mashel River provides critical spawning and rearing habitat for Fall Chinook salmon and steelhead. 


Ecology placed the Site on the Confirmed and Suspected Contaminated Sites List in 2020.

Known hazardous substances at the Site:

  • Metals (iron, lead, zinc) have contaminated water to levels above water quality standards. The contamination was found in water seeping from the ground at the base of the landfill.

Suspected hazardous substances that may have contaminated surface water, sediment, and/or groundwater:

  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs).
  • Petroleum products.
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

Ecology needs the information that is required by the AO to develop the plan for cleanup. 


Once the RI/FS and dCAP are complete, the reports will be available for public review and comment before the reports are finalized.

When the dCAP is finalized, it becomes the Cleanup Action Plan (CAP). The CAP will be implemented under a separate legal agreement that will be available for public review and comment. 


For more information about cleanup sites in the neighborhood and throughout Washington, go to:

These tools also show completed cleanups. 


Map showing site location as Pierce County, WA SITE INFORMATION


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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 85933

Cleanup Site ID: 15271

Eatonville, Pierce County

Status: Awaiting Cleanup   Get definitions of Status terminology

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