18004 & 18005 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011

Clean Backfill at the Bothell Paint & Decorating Site
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On May 5, 2018, the Washington Department of Ecology and the City of Bothell have entered into an agreement called an Agreed Order, which requires the City to clean up the Bothell Paint and Decorating Site.

Previously, the City of Bothell completed a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) on August 10, 2017. The RI/FS determined the nature and extent of remaining contamination and evaluated possible methods to clean up the site. They also prepared a Draft Cleanup Action Plan describing how they will clean up the site. A comment period was held to get public input on these documents, and Ecology responded to all comments.

Excavations that removed petroleum contaminated soils were conducted in September-October 2010 and March 2013. Following the excavations, confirmation samples were taken. Oxygen Release Compound (ORC) was placed in the 2010 excavation. Confirmation sampling in the excavations confirmed that most of the contamination was removed, save for a single sample above cleanup levels but now beneath the new SR 522 roadway. Groundwater monitoring for petroleum hydrocarbons and arsenic was also carried out as part of the cleanup plan. Recently, two years of quarterly monitoring shows that only arsenic in monitoring well BPMW-6 appears to be above cleanup levels and co-located with TPH detections.

Therefore, Ecology has proposed that institutional controls with groundwater monitoring be maintained at the Site as a final remedy. The institutional controls shall specifically address the containment of the pocket of residual soil contamination beneath SR 522 and restrictions on groundwater withdrawal and use. Under the proposal, monitoring well BPMW-6 continue to be sampled every five years for arsenic (total and dissolved) and TPH-Oil. Sample results shall be incorporated in the five year periodic review report required under MTCA for sites with institutional controls under an environmental covenant. In the periodic review, the results shall be evaluated to assess protectiveness of the remedy and to confirm stable, decreasing or increasing concentration trends. If contaminant concentrations are increasing, the City shall propose corrective actions including further investigations and active remedial measures needed to identify, understand, and clean up the increased groundwater contamination. Other site well shall be decommissioned under the proposal.

Ecology will update this web page once the next steps outlined above are accepted.

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The City of Bothell (Bothell) owns the Bothell Paint & Decorating Site located at 18004 and 18005 Bothell Way NE and the adjacent parcel to the east (King County Tax Parcel Nos. 945720-0081 and 945720-0072). Bothell acquired the property from Victory Development LLC, and from Leonard P. Giannola in 2008. They entered into an Agreed Order with Ecology in 2009 to investigate contamination at the site.

Historical operations on the property included automobile repair and dealerships, retail paint and flooring, and sandblasting. This site was used by a former sandblasting operation and contained at least one petroleum underground storage tank (UST). A 1,000-gallon UST was removed near the northeast corner of the west building at the site in 1988. A hole in the UST was observed at the time of removal. Petroleum liquid (free product) was reported in the excavation on the surface of ground water. A soil sample collected from the sidewall of the excavation during tank removal contained petroleum hydrocarbons (gasoline-range) above the MTCA cleanup levels.

Further environmental investigations were conducted at the property in February 2008. During these investigations, low concentrations (below MTCA cleanup levels) of volatile organic compounds were detected in ground water adjacent to the former leaking underground storage tank.

Additionally, sandblasting operations were conducted at this site in the southern portion of the property by a former tenant. Sandblast grit and petroleum staining associated with a compressor were observed in that vicinity. Shallow soils in the sandblast area contain petroleum hydrocarbons and metals exceeding MTCA cleanup levels. One soil sample contained cadmium exceeding Washington State Dangerous Waste requirements. One ground water sample contained arsenic concentrations exceeding MTCA cleanup levels and possibly exceeding natural background levels. Note that natural background levels have not been determined for this site at this time.

Interim action soil cleanups for petroleum hydrocarbons and metals were conducted in 2010, 2013, and 2014. Chemicals of concern remaining at the site after the interim action cleanups are:

  • In soil: Gasoline and motor oil-range petroleum hydrocarbons.
  • In groundwater: Diesel and motor oil range petroleum hydrocarbons, and arsenic.


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