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Ecology invites your comments on the draft Second Periodic Review Report for the Murray Pacific 2 site. The first periodic review was in 2014.

Environmental cleanup is complete at the site, and the draft Periodic Review Report shows the cleanup work remains effective in protecting the health of people and the environment. Ecology may modify the draft report if the public submits new information during the comment period.

After cleanup, concentrations of metals (arsenic and lead) in soil exceeded MTCA Method A cleanup levels for industrial sites. In addition, arsenic concentrations in stormwater exceeded water quality criteria. To prevent possible exposure to that contamination, a restrictive covenant was filed for the site in 1998. The covenant restricts the site to industrial uses and prohibits any activity on the site that may interfere or reduce the effectiveness, maintenance, or monitoring of the cleanup action. The owner can not initiate any disturbance of the cap, stormwater drainage, and/or monitoring system.

When an environmental covenant exists for a cleanup site, Ecology reviews site conditions about every five years to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the cleanup action.

Ecology inspected the site on April 3, 2019, and investigated the current conditions of the cap covering contaminated soil and the stormwater collection system. Condition of the cap continues to prevent direct contact with contaminated soil and prevent stormwater from contacting or infiltrating the capped soils. 


draft Second Periodic Review Report


The former Murray Pacific 2 site is located along the Blair Waterway at 2407 Port of Tacoma Road. The 49.5-acre property is owned by the Port of Tacoma (port). From 1970 to 1994, the Murray Pacific Corporation leased the site from the port as a log sorting yard. Murray Pacific received, sorted, and debarked logs at the site before sending logs to the Blair Waterway Terminal for export.

Rock, gravel, and Asarco slag from the former Tacoma Asarco Smelter were brought to the site to build a stable ground to support heavy machinery and log piles. Approximately 68,000 tons of slag was placed on the site between 1975 and 1980.

Surface water runoff at the site discharges to the Blair Waterway.  In 1983-1984, investigations showed concentrations of arsenic, copper, lead, and zinc in surface water runoff from the site exceeded federal and state marine water quality criteria. Movement of metals deeply into the soil or to groundwater did not appear to be a significant problem.


The port cleaned up the site from 1995 to 1998. Under a consent decree (legal agreement) the port:

  • Removed bark that built-up on top of the soil.
  • Installed a stormwater collection and treatment system.
  • Removed sediments along the slope of the Blair Waterway during a waterway widening project.
  • Disposed of some contaminated soil off-site.
  • Consolidated the remaining contaminated soil on the site and capped it with a low permeable asphalt and concrete mixture.
  • Filled-in and relocated the Lincoln Ave ditch.
  • Monitored surface water and groundwater.

The port monitored groundwater twice a year from 1998 to 2009 and every 18 months since then, according to an agreement with Ecology. The port inspects the condition of the cap every 30 months at the site.

Dissolved concentrations of copper and zinc in groundwater were below cleanup levels in all three monitoring wells for 15 sampling events from 1998 to 2007. Monitoring for these metals was discontinued after 2007 with Ecology's approval.

Dissolved concentration of lead in groundwater was below cleanup levels in six sampling events from 1998 to 2001.  Monitoring for this metal was discontinued after 2001 with Ecology's approval.

Dissolved concentration of arsenic in one of three groundwater wells continues to exceed cleanup levels. Arsenic concentrations were below cleanup levels in the other two monitoring wells for the last three rounds of monitoring. Groundwater monitoring will continue on an 18-month frequency at the site.

Cap inspections by the port have been conducted regularly. The port has sealed any cracks and from 2016 to 2018 resurfaced approximately 136,500 square feet of the low permeability asphalt cap. 

The port recorded an environmental covenant (EC) for the property in 1998. The covenant prohibits activities that could result in release of pollutants contained at the site and restricts the site to industrial use. 

Ecology held a public comment period for the first periodic review from May 15 to June 16, 2014, and received no comments.


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