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Periodic Review Draft Report Completed

Ecology invites you to review and comment on the draft Periodic Review Report for the Hilltop Apartments Development Site:

Comments will be accepted June 3, 2021 through July 6, 2021.

You may submit your comments online or by mail to Jeff Newschwander, Periodic Review Coordinator, at Ecology's Central Regional Office. 

A periodic review is conducted at least every five years after the initiation of a cleanup action at a Site when required by the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA).  The purposes of the review are to evaluate Site conditions after cleanup is considered complete, and to ensure protection of human health and the environment when institutional controls are used as part of a remedy.

We will review comments received during the comment period and make recommendations for suggested changes.  The periodic review will become final if no significant changes are made.  An additional public comment period will be held if significant changes are made.

Hilltop Apartments parking Area - from the south. Photo by Ecology.
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The Hilltop Apartments Site is located in the City of Wenatchee, Chelan County, Washington.  The Site consists of multiple parcels totaling approximately 1.58 acres located on the east side of South Mission Street, south of Crawford Street and north of Vista Street. 
The Site previously operated as an orchard. At the time of development activities, the Site was vacant, grass-covered land.  A private residence is present at the center of the Site’s western boundary and is surrounded by the Site on the north, south, and east sides.  The residence is not part of the development and was not included in Site investigation and evaluation.

Several investigations reported arsenic and lead concentrations above MTCA Method A cleanup levels.


Remedial actions goals were accomplished to a large extent by Site construction activities.  Due to Site grading requirements, much of the material above MTCA Method A cleanup levels was relocated to the northern portion of the property.  Native soil containing residual agricultural chemicals above the remedial threshold was covered with impermeable parking, sidewalk, or building footprint areas; or was capped with 6 inches of topsoil and an additional 2 to 3 inches of sod.  In select locations landscaping fabric was covered with approximately 3 inches of gravel. 

Because contamination was capped at the Site at concentrations exceeding MTCA Method A Cleanup levels, institutional controls were required for the Site to be eligible for a No Further Action determination.  Institutional controls in the form of a restrictive covenant were recorded for Chelan County Parcel 222014230100 in August 2008 and a property-specific No Further Action determination for that parcel was issued in September 2008. 


In May 2021, Ecology issued a No Further Action determination for the Site. 

Ecology determined that the Hilltop Apartments Development Site consists of Chelan County Tax Parcel# 222014230100.  It was remediated in its entirety in 2008 during the development of the Hilltop Apartment complex. The portion of the property that was not remediated remains vacant. It has not changed to a land use that increases potential exposure to residual pesticides. The portion of the property that has not been developed will be remediated at the time that it is developed. It is not considered part of the Hilltop Apartments Site. The boundaries of the Site shall consist of the area that was remediated during the development and construction of Hilltop Apartments.

Hilltop Apartments play equipment - from northwest. Photo by Ecology.
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Periodic reviews are conducted every 5 years by Ecology for sites that have Environmental Covenants and/or Institutional Controls. The review is intended to examine the effectiveness of cleanup activities and to assure the continued protection of human health and the environment.

Periodic Review Results

Clean soil, asphalt, and building structures continue to serve as a cap and eliminate the direct exposure pathways to contaminated soils.  Based upon the site visit conducted in February 2021, no repair, maintenance or contingency actions have been required.   

The restrictive covenant for the Property was recorded and remains active.  There is no evidence that a new document has been recorded that limits the effectiveness or applicability of the covenant.  The restrictive covenant prohibits activities that will result in the release of contaminants contained as part of the cleanup without Ecology’s approval, and prohibits any use of the property that is inconsistent with the covenant.  This restrictive covenant serves to assure the long term integrity of the cap.
Soils with arsenic, lead, and DDT concentrations higher than MTCA Method A cleanup levels are still present at the Site.  However, the cap prevents human exposure to this contamination in the vicinity of the apartment complex.  The Restrictive Covenant for the Property will ensure that the integrity of the cap will be protected through maintaining the current use of the Property.  



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