Sears Auto Center Heating Oil Tank
2759 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134


The Sears Auto Center Heating Oil Tank Site is located at 2759 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134. The Site was a former automotive service center. It is currently a rock climbing gym called Momentum Indoor Climbing.

In January 1992, a 2,500-gallon underground heating oil tank was removed from the property during construction of the new Sears Automotive Center building. Soil samples collected from the tank area did not contain total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) above cleanup levels. Additional soil samples collected on the property in 1994 also did not contain TPH above cleanup levels. Groundwater on the Site is approximately 8 feet below ground, so Ecology suspected TPH contamination in the groundwater and added the site to the Confirmed and Suspected Contaminated Sites List.

In August 2013, Ecology completed a Site Hazard Assessment (SHA) on the site and the site was added to the Hazardous Site List (HSL). The result was a ranking of “5” on a scale of 1 to 5, where “1” represents the highest risk and “5” represents the lowest risk. The SHA ranking estimates the potential threat to human health and the environment relative to other sites in Washington State. This ranking was based on the suspected groundwater contamination.

In November 2016, two monitoring wells were installed at the Site to collect groundwater samples. Four consecutive quarters of groundwater samples were collected and analyzed in 2016-2017. No groundwater samples contained TPH above cleanup levels.

Ecology completed an updated SHA in December 2018 and recommends No Further Action at the site. The site meets state cleanup standards and Ecology is proposing to remove the Site from the Hazardous Sites List (HSL). The HSL is available twice a year. It includes additions to the list, changes in remedial status of sites on the list, and removals from the list.

Ecology will review and respond to all comments received. The proposed delisting may be modified based on your comments. If no significant comments, Ecology will delist the Site from the HSL.

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Sears汽車保養中心暖氣油槽環境整治工地(工地)位於2759 第一大道南, 西雅圖, 華盛頓州。本工地前為汽車保養中心。目前則是一個名為 Momemtum Indoor Climbing的攀岩健身房。生管署提議將本工地從危險工地名單除名。生管署判定本工地環境環境整治工作已符合本州環境整治標準。若需關於本環境整治中文訊息或文件,請聯系林昊,電話號碼 (425) 649-7187,或 電子郵件 請註明Sears汽車保養中心暖氣油槽。

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Sears built a new building on this property in 1992 to house the Sears Automotive Center. This building remains on the property, and currently houses Momentum Indoor Climbing.

During construction in 1992, an underground heating oil tank (HOT) was removed from the property. The HOT was part of the heating system for older buildings that had also been removed from the property. Concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons from soil collected around the tank were below cleanup levels. Groundwater under the property is very shallow, however, and Ecology suspected that it may be contaminated. For this reason, we added the Site to our Confirmed and Suspected Contaminated Sites List in 2007. The Site underwent a Site Hazard Assessment, received a ranking of 5, and was added to the Hazardous Sites List in 2013.

Groundwater samples were collected on the Site in 2016 and 2017. Results of the sampling showed that groundwater does not contain petroleum hydrocarbons above cleanup levels. Ecology is currently performing a new Site Hazard Assessment to incorporate the new data.


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