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Ecology invites your comments on the draft Second Periodic Review Report for the Turnbull Landfill site. This is the second periodic review for this site. The first review was in 2014.

Environmental cleanup is complete at the site, and the draft Periodic Review Report shows that the cleanup work remains effective in protecting the health of people and the environment.  Ecology may modify the draft report if the public submits new information during the comment period.

After cleanup, metal (manganese) groundwater contamination was detected at the site. To prevent possible exposure to that contamination, a restrictive covenant was filed for the site in 2000. The covenant restricts property use and requires that no groundwater be taken from the property for any use and that areas of the landfill capped with clean fill cannot be disturbed. 

When an environmental covenant exists for a cleanup site, Ecology reviews site conditions at least every five years to ensure long-term effectiveness of the cleanup action.

Ecology inspected the site on December 28, 2018, and investigated current conditions, which continue to eliminate possible exposure to contamination.


Draft Second Periodic Review Report


The Turnbull Landfill site is located at 12001 NE Fourth Plain Boulevard, Orchards.
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The Turnbull Landfill site is approximately 6.5 acres located at 12001 NE Fourth Plain Boulevard in Orchards, Washington. The site was a gravel quarry from the early 1900s to the mid-1960s. Between 1970 and 1974, the site was used for solid waste disposal.

Between 1983 and 2006, a number of studies showed these conditions at the site:

  • About 39,000 cubic yards of buried solid waste.
  • Manganese in groundwater slightly above the state drinking water standard. However, nearby residents and businesses do not use groundwater for drinking because the city's water supply is available.
  • No soil contamination above state cleanup levels.
  • No detectable landfill gases.



In 1998, the owner removed some solid waste from the site and placed 3 to 12 feet of clean fill over the remaining waste.

Results from groundwater sampling and monitoring between 1997 and 2000 showed:

  • Manganese concentration was slightly above the state drinking water standard and the contamination was not moving off the site.
  • Manganese levels decreased over time.

Ecology determined that the site required no further cleanup actions. A restrictive covenant was recorded for the property in August 2000. The covenant prohibits the use of groundwater and other activities that might cause release of contaminants contained as part of the cleanup. When the property owner plans to develop the site, Ecology's approval is required.


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