Unocal Bulk Plant 0046
217 E Steuben St, Bingen, WA 98605

Unocal Bulk Plant 0046 Site Map - Photo courtesy of U.S.Geological Survey
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The Site is located slightly to the east of downtown Bingen, occupying the area between Cherry Street (to the east) and Maple Street (west). A railway line runs along the southern border of the Site.

The site has been operating as bulk fuel facility since 1924. Facilities at the site include five 20,000-gallon vertical steel aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), a loading rack and unloading platform, associated piping, pumps· and reservoirs, a septic tank, a storage warehouse, a garage, and an office building. In addition, an underground storage tank (UST) and fuel dispenser service pump operated by the bulk plant was located at the east end of the property.

After a Site Hazard Assessment, the Site was ranked a “3” on the Hazardous Sites List.  The Hazardous Sites List is a statewide list of contaminated properties.  Sites can be ranked from a “1” to “5”.  A rank of “1” is the highest level of environmental concern compared to other sites on the List, and a rank of “5” is the lowest.

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Unocal Bulk Plant 0046 - Photo courtesy of Google StreetView
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Ecology records indicate additions and upgrades to the site over time. In the late 1980s, a 550-gallon heating oil and 6,000-gallon diesel underground storage tanks (USTs) were removed. Petroleum contamination was discovered in soil and groundwater during the removal. Several investigations revealing groundwater and soil contaminated with diesel and heavy oils above the MTCA Method A cleanup levels. Some of the sources of contamination is also believed to be the result of general operation for over 90 years.

By late 1995, after several remedial excavation activities were conducted at the Site, approximately 1,175 cubic yards of petroleum contaminated soils were removed and disposed of offsite. Despite the activities performed at the site, petroleum contamination remain above state cleanup levels.


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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 61834259

Cleanup Site ID: 6383

Bingen, Klickitat County

Status: Cleanup Started   Get definitions of Status terminology

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