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Climate Change and Ocean Acidification (10 publications 2014-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Focus on: Siting low-carbon energy projects 21-06-025October 2021
Lessons Learned from Local Governments Incorporating Sea Level Rise In Shoreline Master Programs 21-06-014July 2021
Focus on: Office of Chehalis Basin re appropriations 21-13-001February 2021
Chehalis Basin Strategy Aquatic Species Restoration Plan - Phase 1 document 19-13-002November 2019
POSTER: Recent climate patterns are affecting seasonal water residence times and water temperatures in Puget Sound 18-03-023June 2018
Final Programmatic EIS: Marine Spatial Plan for Washington’s Pacific Coast 17-06-028June 2018
Marine Spatial Plan for Washington’s Pacific Coast 17-06-027June 2018
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Salish Sea Acidification Model Development 15-03-109May 2015
Washington Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Limits 14-01-006December 2014
Puget Sound and the Straits Dissolved Oxygen Assessment: Impacts of Current and Future Human Nitrogen Sources and Climate Change through 2070 14-03-007March 2014