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Dangerous / Hazardous Waste Management (6 publications 2020-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
EPCRA Section 312: Exemption Notification for Tier Two Inventory Reporting ECY 070-645February 2021
EPCRA Section 312: Tier Two Chemical Inventory ECY 070-308February 2021
EPCRA Section 311: Safety Data Sheet Reporting Form ECY 070-307February 2021
EPCRA Sections 302 and 303: Extremely Hazardous Substance and Facility Emergency Coordinator ECY 070-305February 2021
Notification of Dangerous Waste Site Identification (ID) Form ECY 070-133November 2020
Site ID Form Addendum: Used Oil Report ECY 070-632May 2020