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Macroinvertebrates (21 publications 1988-2019)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Eyes Over Puget Sound: Surface Conditions Report — July 29, 2019 19-03-074August 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP073, Version 2.3: Minimum Requirements for the Collection of Freshwater Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Streams and Rivers 19-03-211April 2019
Quality Assurance Monitoring Plan: The Puget Sound Sediment Monitoring Program 18-03-109March 2018
Sediment Quality in Puget Sound, 1989-2015 18-03-006February 2018
Sediment Quality in Puget Sound: Changes in chemical contaminants and invertebrate communities at 10 sentinel stations, 1989–2015 18-03-005February 2018
Sediment Quality in Puget Sound: Changes in chemistry, toxicity, and benthic invertebrates at multiple geographic scales, 1989–2015 18-03-004February 2018
POSTER: Eyes Under Puget Sound: Monitoring and Identification of Benthic Invertebrates of the South Sound 16-03-041October 2016
Sediment Quality Assessment of Puget Sound’s Hood Canal Region, 2004 10-03-006February 2010
Urban Waters Initiative, 2007: Sediment Quality in Elliott Bay 09-03-014September 2009
POSTER: The Sediment Quality Triad Index: An Indicator for Puget Sound & A Baseline (1997-2003) Update 09-03-024May 2009
Sediment Quality Assessment of the Bays and Inlets of the San Juan Islands, Eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Admiralty Inlet, 2002-2003 08-03-030November 2008
The Influence of Sediment Characteristics and Dissolved Oxygen on Benthic Invertebrate Communities in Hood Canal 07-03-047December 2007
Relationships between the Composition of the Benthos and Sediment and Water Quality Parameters in Hood Canal: Task IV - Hood Canal Dissolved Oxygen Program 07-03-040December 2007
Chemical Contamination, Acute Toxicity in Laboratory Tests, and Benthic Impacts in Sediments of Puget Sound: A summary of results of the joint 1997-1999 Ecology/NOAA survey 03-03-049November 2003
Marine Sediment Monitoring Program II - Distribution and Structure of Benthic Communities in Puget Sound - 1989-1993 98-328September 1998
Marine Sediment Monitoring Program I - Chemistry and Toxicity Testing. 1989-1995 98-323August 1998
Puget Sound Ambient Monitoring Program, Marine Sediment Monitoring Task Annual Report 1991 94-93June 1994
Puget Sound Ambient Monitoring Program 1992: Marine Sediment Monitoring Task Annual Report 1992 93-87October 1993
Appendices for Puget Sound Ambient Monitoring Program: Marine Sediment Monitoring Program 1990 92-47aJuly 1991
Puget Sound Ambient Monitoring Program 1989: Marine Sediment Monitoring 90-e76January 1990
Puget Sound Ambient Monitoring Program Marine Sediment Quality Implementation Plan 88-e37November 1988