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Stream Bioassessments (27 publications 1992-2022)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Standard Operating Procedure EAP073, Version 2.5, Minimum Requirements for the Collection of Freshwater Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Streams and Rivers 22-03-212March 2022
Standard Operating Procedure EAP107, Version 1.0: Measuring Transect Coordinates with a Global Positioning System (GPS) 18-03-230December 2018
Standard Operating Procedure EAP120, Version 1.3: Standard Operating Procedure for Quantifying Habitat Units 18-03-225August 2018
Standard Operating Procedure EAP118, Version 1.3: Standard Operating Procedure for Visual Assessment of Human Influence 18-03-224July 2018
Standard Operating Procedure EAP117, Version 1.2: Standard Operating Procedure for Assessing Riparian Vegetation Structure 18-03-222June 2018
Standard Operating Procedure EAP115, Version 2.1: Standard Operating Procedure for Measuring Riparian Cover Using a Convex Densiometer 18-03-220June 2018
Focus on: Stream surveys in the Northeast Washington region during 2018 17-03-030December 2017
Focus on: Stream surveys in the Upper Columbia River region during 2017 16-03-047December 2016
Clover Creek Watershed Fecal Coliform Bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen, and Temperature: Source Assessment Report 16-03-039October 2016
Focus on Environmental Monitoring: 2016 Stream Surveys in the Snake River Region 16-03-004January 2016
Evaluating Physical Habitat and Water Chemistry Data from Statewide Stream Monitoring Programs to Establish Least-Impacted Conditions in Washington State 15-03-011April 2015
Quality Assurance Project Plan for Status and Trends Monitoring of Small Streams in the Puget Lowlands Ecoregion for Monitoring Conducted Using Pooled RSMP Funds contributed by Western Washington Municipal Stormwater Permittees 14-10-054November 2014
Stressor Identification for Peabody Creek (Port Angeles) 13-03-040November 2013
Dictionary of Metrics for Physical Habitat: Definitions and Calculations Used for Watershed Health Monitoring and Related Studies 13-03-033October 2013
Squalicum Creek and Soos Creek: Bioassessment Monitoring and Analysis to Support Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Development 13-03-017April 2013
Quality Assurance Monitoring Plan: Ambient Biological Monitoring in Rivers and Streams: Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Periphyton 10-03-109August 2010
Guidance for Stressor Identification of Biologically Impaired Aquatic Resources in Washington State 10-03-036June 2010
Multi-Metric Index Development for Biological Monitoring in Washington State Streams 03-03-035July 2003
Benthic Macroinvertebrate Biological Monitoring Protocols for Rivers and Streams: 2001 Revision 01-03-028September 2001
The Relationship Between Stream Macroinvertebrates and Salmon in the Quilceda/Allen Drainage 99-311March 1999
Biological Assessment of Small Streams in the Coast Range Ecoregion & the Yakima River Basin 99-302January 1999
Stream Biological Assessments (Benthic Macroinvertebrates) for Watershed Analysis/Mid-Sol Duc Water 98-334November 1998
Using Invertebrates to Assess the Quality of Washington Streams and to Describe Biological Expectations 97-332September 1997
Taxonomic Laboratory Protocol for Stream Macroinvertebrates Collected by the Washington State Department of Ecology 96-323June 1996
Ambient Monitoring Instream Biological Assessment: Progress Report of 1993 Pilot Survey 95-333July 1995
Instream Biological Assessment Monitoring Protocols: Benthic Macroinvertebrates 94-113June 1994
Timber/Fish/Wildlife Ecoregion Bioassessment Pilot Project 92-63January 1992