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Protect Our Waters Pledge

What is the pledge?
  • The pledge describes ten simple things you can do to make a difference. Do your part
    by making a personal pledge to protect our waters.
  • Your pledge is a commitment to the environment, your health and your neighbors' health. Your steps to
    protect our waters today will benefit future generations (from orcas to people) depending on clean water!
  • You are probably already doing some of these things in your daily routine, and if so, thank you and keep it up!
    But remember – you can always do more or encourage others to be involved, so see how far you can go!

Why pledge?
  • What you do in and around your home or business affects Washington waters. The simple changes, combined with those of others, help prevent pollution and keep our waters healthy. 
  • Clean water is critical for human health and for the environment. 
  • Thousands of people rely on Washington’s waterways for recreation.  
  • Taking the pledge connects a community of people concerned about clean water and willing to match that interest with action.  
  • The pledge reminds us of the big change that can come when we each make small changes.  
  • The more who pledge, the more these positive choices become the norm. 
  • You become part of the solution.  

Taking the pledge is simple.
  • Read through each action and check off the actions you are already taking and new actions that you can commit to take.  
  • Fill out the basic contact information. (Optional) 
  • Click on the submit button at the end. 
  • Submit your photos or videos or tips or stories to let others know the actions you are taking to keep your pledge. (Optional)

Action N/A I Do I Will Undecided Click to Learn More
1. Scoop my dog’s poop, bag it and trash it.
Dog Poop
2. Use fertilizer and pesticides sparingly. Read the label. Follow the application instructions.
Yard Care
3. Take my car to a commercial car wash, either self-serve or machine wash.
Car washing
4. Wash my car on my lawn or other surfaces where water can seep into the ground.
5. Maintain my car. Check for oil leaks regularly and fix them promptly
Car Maintenance
6. Dispose of oil or other engine fluids properly, not on the ground or into a ditch.
7. Have my home septic system regularly inspected and maintained. Check with my county Environmental Health office for advice.
Septic Maintenance
8. Hold the nozzle when refueling my boat and use an absorbent pad or fuel collar device around the nozzle to catch drips before they spill into the water.
Recreational Boats
9. Pile animal manure and keep it under cover in a convenient site that’s sheltered from heavy winds.
Small Farms Manure
10. Use materials to spread the word and encourage friends and neighbors to take the pledge.  

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