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Welcome to Washington Tank Operator Training (WATOT), the Washington State Department of Ecology’s site-specific online training and re-certification tool. This training covers information that is specific to your underground storage tank (UST) system and provides Class A/B operators an opportunity to be re-certified.

When finished with the training, you will be quizzed on the information that was covered. If you pass this short test, you will receive a site-specific Class A/B Certificate of Completion which can be printed and kept with your records. Another benefit of WATOT is it prepares a site-specific Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Plan that can be printed at the end of the training session. The O&M Plan can also be used to train new tank operators about the UST systems at your site.

Note: The Department of Ecology (Ecology) does not assume any liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information presented on the type of Underground Storage Tank (UST) system at a particular facility. Information in the Ecology database was provided by information submitted by the owners and/or operators of a particular facility. It is the responsibility of the tank owner and/or operator to ensure the information on their UST System is correct. If you want to update information on your UST system contact Ecology at 1-800-826-7716 or tanks@ecy.wa.gov.
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