Cummins Northwest Inc Spokane

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Cleanup Complete

In 1990 and 1993, soil samples from the Cummins Northwest Inc. Spokane site were contaminated with gasoline- and diesel-range petroleum hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compounds at levels requiring cleanup. The contamination was located under asphalt and under a building.

Groundwater monitoring wells were installed at the site, and sampled four times annually between 1993 and 1997. By March 1997, groundwater monitoring results showed that all contaminants were below cleanup levels.

About 25 cubic yards of contaminated soil were removed along with an oil-water separator, floor vaults, drains, and sumps. Contaminated soil remains 12 feet underground because it could not be removed without potentially damaging the building foundation. An asphalt cap prevents people from being exposed to remaining contaminated soil, and an environmental covenant restricts activities that could disturb it. Then, Ecology decided no further cleanup actions were needed.

Periodic Reviews

Based on Ecology's four visits to the site, the building and asphalt cap continue to prevent exposure to remaining contaminated soil. The asphalt appears in good condition, and no repair, maintenance, or other actions have been required. The restrictive covenant for the property remains in place. The owner is responsible for continuing to inspect the site to ensure the the cap is maintained.

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Site use restrictions called institutional controls are in effect

Institutional controls can be fences, signs, or restrictions on how the property is used. For instance, an institutional control may prohibit installing drinking water wells or disturbing a protective cap that isolates contamination. These restrictions keep the contamination contained and keep people from being exposed to the contamination. The controls are usually listed in environmental covenants recorded with the county.

Periodic reviews are required when institutional controls are required at a site. Ecology conducts reviews to make sure the controls remain effective and the cleanup still protects human health and the environment. We conduct periodic reviews about every five years.

Environmental Covenant

County Recording #: 4101372
County Recording Date: 5/9/1997


  • Ongoing Maintenance of Remedy
  • Prohibit Soil Disturbance
  • Restrict Land Use

Restricted Media

  • Soil
Legal 1
Document Title Document Date Document Type
Cummins Northwest Inc Spokane - Restrictive Covenant 5/9/1997 Environmental Covenant; Alternative Mechanism
Technical Reports 4
Document Title Document Date Document Type
Fourth Periodic Review: Cummins Northwest Spokane Inc. 8/31/2023 Periodic Review (5 Year)
Cummins Northwest Inc Spokane - Third Periodic Review 8/8/2018 Periodic Review (5 Year)
Cummins Northwest Inc Spokane - Second Periodic Review 9/19/2013 Periodic Review (5 Year)
Cummins Northwest Inc Spokane - Periodic Review 9/30/2008 Periodic Review (5 Year)
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Contaminants 2

Contaminant Type
Surface Water
Non-Halogenated Organics - Petroleum Products-Unspecified C
Non-Halogenated Organics - Non-Halogenated Solvents R
Confirmed Above Cleanup Levels
Below Cleanup Levels
This contaminant list was based on our best information at the time it was entered. It may not reflect current conditions at the site.