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Cleanup Completed

Cleanup is complete at the Naval Reserve Center and the site has been removed from the Hazardous Sites List.

Ecology's Hazardous Sites List is a statewide list of contaminated sites. Ecology may remove a site from the list after determining that cleanup actions at the site meet state cleanup standards. 

Ecology held a public comment period to receive comments on the proposal to remove the site from the Hazardous Sites List. The comment period ran from December 21, 2017, to March 8, 2018. There was a public hearing on March 1, 2018.  We received 28 written comments and one verbal comment. The Responsiveness Summary provides our response to comments.

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Site Description

The Naval Reserve Center Tacoma is about 10 acres in size and located in the tideflats. The property is owned by the Port of Tacoma (Port). The property is leased to Puget Sound Energy.

Site History

From the early 1900s to the end of World War II, the property was used for shipbuilding and woodworking plants. Between the end of the war and 1996, there were various tenants and uses that included a joint-use facility for the military, a fueling pier, and for operation and repair of an oily waste barge. Over time, buildings and structures were constructed and demolished.

In 1993, the Naval Reserve Center was decommissioned and six underground fuel storage tanks (USTs) were removed. Petroleum contamination was found in soil and removed. In 1996, petroleum contamination was found in the soil during removal of two above-ground storage tanks (ASTs). The contaminated soil was excavated following removal of the ASTs. Ecology included the site on the state's Hazardous Sites List due to petroleum contamination. 

In 2014, soil and groundwater investigation showed that the previously identified contamination was successfully cleaned up to meet cleanup standards. 


The property owners worked with Ecology under the Voluntary Cleanup Program to remove the contaminated soil and treat and monitor the groundwater. Cleanup activities at the site included:

  • Excavation of about 166 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil following UST removal.
  • Excavation of about 70 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil following AST removal. 
  • After removal of contaminated soil, tests of soil and groundwater confirmed no contamination was present above state cleanup standards. 

In 2017, Ecology determined the site was cleaned up and issued a No Further Action letter to the Port. In 2018, Ecology removed the site from the Hazardous Sites List. 

Voluntary Cleanup Program

This site was cleaned up under our Voluntary Cleanup Program, which provides technical help to owners of contaminated sites.

Voluntary Cleanup Program customers pay fees to cover our costs for technical help and reviewing cleanup reports. Sites in this program must meet the same cleanup standards as the sites Ecology manages under legal orders.

Legal 2
Document Title Document Date Document Type
Naval Reserve Center Tacoma - Finding Of Suitability to Transfer 10/25/2010 Interlocal/Interagency Agreement; Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding
Environmental Covenant - Port of Tacoma Peninsula 5/5/2003 Environmental Covenant; Alternative Mechanism
Public Information 4
Document Title Document Date Document Type
Naval Reserve Center Tacoma - Responsiveness Summary 3/9/2021 Responsiveness Summary
Naval Reserve Center Tacoma - Comment Period Comments 3/2/2018 Responsiveness Summary
Naval Reserve Center Tacoma - Comment Period Contact List 3/2/2018 Responsiveness Summary
Naval Reserve Center Tacoma - Delisting Fact Sheet 12/21/2017 Fact Sheet\Public Notices
Technical Reports 5
Document Title Document Date Document Type
Naval Reserve Center Tacoma - TEE 10/28/2016 Terrestrial Ecological Evaluation
Naval Reserve Center Tacoma - Soil and Groundwater Data Summary - Limited Environmental Assessment 9/5/2014 Remedial Investigation Report
Tacoma Naval Reserve Center - SHA 4/14/2011 Site Hazard Assessment Report
Naval Reserve Center Tacoma - Storage Tank Removals and Environmental Site Remediation 3/25/1997 Site Specific Technical Document - other
Naval Reserve Center Tacoma - Heating Oil Tank Underground Decommissioning/Site Assessment Report 12/16/1993 Site Specific Technical Document - other
Voluntary Cleanup Program 1
Document Title Document Date Document Type
Naval Reserve Center Tacoma - SW1507 - NFA 4/19/2017 VCP Opinion on Site Cleanup – NFA
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Contaminants 1

Contaminant Type
Surface Water
Non-Halogenated Organics - Petroleum Products-Unspecified RB RB
Confirmed Above Cleanup Levels
Below Cleanup Levels
This contaminant list was based on our best information at the time it was entered. It may not reflect current conditions at the site.