Instream Flow Data

Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA)

Find data for WRIAs with established instream flows using the pull-down menu above this map. Select gage stations/ control points on the map or in the table below it for data and graphs comparing legal instream flow amounts to actual water levels for each station.

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USGS control points and Ecology gaging stations

Visit Site Agency Station ID Station Name Reported flow Minimum flow Below min flow Reported on Water year graph Seven day graph
ECY 01C070 Hutchinson Creek near Acme 32.00 9/19/2021 station 01C070 water-year graph image station 01C070 seven-day graph image
ECY 01N060 Bertrand Cr. nr mouth 77.00 9/19/2021 station 01N060 water-year graph image station 01N060 seven-day graph image
ECY 01Q070 Dakota Cr. @ Giles Rd. 0.50 9/19/2021 station 01Q070 water-year graph image station 01Q070 seven-day graph image
USGS 12208000 M.F. Nooksack R. nr Deming 1,060.00 9/19/2021 station 12208000 water-year graph image station 12208000 seven-day graph image
USGS 12209490 Skookum Cr. nr Wickersham 173.00 9/19/2021 station 12209490 water-year graph image station 12209490 seven-day graph image
USGS 12210000 S.F. Nookack R. @ Saxon Bridge 1,080.00 9/19/2021 station 12210000 water-year graph image station 12210000 seven-day graph image
USGS 12212050 Fishtrap Cr. @ Front St. 41.00 9/19/2021 station 12212050 water-year graph image station 12212050 seven-day graph image
USGS 12213100 Nooksack R. @ Ferndale 4,500.00 9/19/2021 station 12213100 water-year graph image station 12213100 seven-day graph image

About instream flows

Instream flowsopen_in_new are an amount of water, established by rule and court decisions, in a given river or stream. They usually vary from month to month, since seasonal changes cause natural streamflow to vary. These graphs compare the legal instream flow amounts to actual water levels. When actual streamflows drop below the adopted instream flow levels, junior water rightsopen_in_new (those established after the instream flow) can be temporarily interrupted to keep the water in the stream.

In your watershedopen_in_new contains more information about all 62 Washington watersheds, also called WRIAs. See our lookup toolopen_in_new to find your WRIA.