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Nutri Ag Ltd. details and products

CO_AG_ID 705
Address 39 Gail Grove
Company Nutri Ag Ltd.
City Toronto
State ON
Country Canada
Phone (416) 636-1555
Fax (416) 636-2681
First Name Mark
Last Name McMillan
Comments Formerly did business as Plaaskem International, Ltd.
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Product Detail for 2007 Columbia River Pro Bor-17

WSDA Product ID (PR_AG_ID) 7050009
Registration Year 2007
Manufacturer Id -145
Product Name Columbia River Pro Bor-17
Maximum Application Rate 12
Waste Derived Flag No
Micro Nutrient Flag Yes
TCLP Flag No
Totals Flag No
Arsenic Level NA
Barium Level NA
Cadmium Level NA
Chromium Level NA
Mercury Level NA
Lead Level NA
Selenium Level NA
Silver Level NA
Halogenated Organic Carbon Level NA
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Level
Review Complete Date 11/5/2007
DeptAgricultureOkFlag No
Comments This product has passed Ecology review twice before. As a part of each of those reviews it was tested for leachable metals and halogenated organic compounds. Because this product has not changed its formulation, does not contain a hazardous waste, and has passed Ecology review twice before, a repeat of these tests was not required.
Waste Type
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