Document Repository for Burlington Environmental LLC Washougal
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Group: Legal

 CleanEarth/Burlington Washougal Exhibit C Conclusions in RCRA Facility Assessment07/17/2019Agreed OrderShow
 CleanEarth/Burlington Washougal Exhibit D Clean Closure of Units07/17/2019Agreed OrderShow
 CleanEarth/Burlington Washougal Exhibit F Work Schedule and Deliverables07/30/2019Agreed OrderShow
 CleanEarth/Burlington Washougal Exhibit E Release(s) and/or Potential Release(s) 05/06/2021Agreed OrderShow
 Exhibit G Groundwater Monitoring Plan07/12/2021Agreed OrderShow
 CleanEarth/Burlington Washougal Exhibit B Wastes Permitted07/17/2021Agreed OrderShow
 Exhibit A Facility Diagram CleanEarth/Burlington Washougal08/19/2021Agreed OrderShow
 Clean Earth Burlington Washougal Final Draft Agreed Order09/10/2021Agreed OrderShow

Group: Public Information

 Clean Earth/Burlington Public Notice 202109/20/2021Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Clean Earth/Burlington Public Participation Plan 202109/20/2021Public Participation PlanShow

Group: Technical Reports

 Interim Action Report09/01/1998Interim Action DocumentsShow
 Final Remedial Investigation CleanEarth/Burlington Washougal Sept. 201309/01/2013Remedial Investigation / Feasibility StudyShow
 Final Remedial Investigation Report CleanEarth/Burlington Washougal Review_20190521105905/21/2019Remedial Investigation ReportShow
 CleanEarth/Burlington Washougal 2020 Feasibility Study Report08/25/2020Remedial Investigation / Feasibility StudyShow
 Final Remedial Investigation Appendices B-R12/14/2020Remedial Investigation / Feasibility StudyShow
 Remedial Investigation Appendix A Part 2 of 212/14/2020Remedial Investigation / Feasibility StudyShow
 Remedial Investigation Appendix A Part 1 of 212/28/2020Remedial Investigation / Feasibility StudyShow
 CleanEarth/Burlington Washougal Final Draft Permit CA05/12/2021Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow