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Environmental cleanup is complete at the site and the periodic review in 2019 shows that the cleanup work remains effective in protecting the health of people and the environment. 

After cleanup, concentrations of diesel-range petroleum hydrocarbons (heating oil) in soil were above state cleanup levels under the building at the site. To prevent possible exposure to that contamination, an environmental covenant was filed for the site in 2009. The covenant restricts any activity on the property that may interfere with the integrity of the cleanup action or could result in the release or exposure of contaminated soil to the environment.

When an environmental covenant exists for a cleanup site, Ecology reviews site conditions about every five years to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the cleanup action. 

Ecology inspected site conditions on May 24, 2019. The contaminated soil is located approximately 20 feet below the building's basement slab. The basement floor is in good condition and continues to protect humans and the environment from exposure to the contaminated soil.

Periodic Review Report-Final

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The Bower Home cleanup site is at a home in Port Townsend, located at 914 F Street. In 2003, a 250-gallon above ground storage tank failed on site, releasing nearly 200 gallons of heating oil into the soil below.


The property owner excavated two to three yards of soil from the area where the oil spilled and removed the old tank. Soil sampling showed that some soil remained above state cleanup levels. They placed an oxygen releasing compound into the soil to improve the natural breakdown of petroleum until more work could be done.

In 2007, the owners excavated an additional 40 cubic yards of contaminated soil. Confirmation sampling revealed there was petroleum in soil at depths greater than 15 feet below the surface. Because this contamination was so close to the building, it could not be removed.  Because the contamination is located deep in the soil, there is no direct pathway for exposure to humans and the environment. 

Because some contamination remains on the property, an environmental covenant was recorded for the site in 2009. The covenant prohibits any activity that may result in a release or exposure of the contamination and groundwater cannot be taken from the site for any use. The property owner has to continue to inspect the site to make sure the surface cover is maintained in good condition.

Ecology reviewed the cleanup process and issued a NFA (no further action) decision in 2009.

For the first five-year periodic review, Ecology held a public comment period from June to July, 2014, and received no comments.

Ecology held a public comment period for the second periodic review from September to October, 2019, and received no comments during the comment period.


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