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The Anacortes Port Log Yard Site is generally located at 718 4th Street in Anacortes, Washington. The Site is owned by the Port of Anacortes (Port) and was used historically for log handling from the mid-1960’s to about 2004. Operations included log rafting and the transfer of logs from water to upland sorting and handling areas on Pier 2. From 1978 to 1979 the Port leased the area to Forest Sales, Inc. for similar uses.


Following the closure of the facility in 2004, the Port led an investigation to assess potential impacts from decades of log handling activities. Further investigations from 2008 to 2010 found that sediment samples failed to meet Ecology’s regulatory levels. The following specific conditions and contaminants were identified as a result of the investigations:

  • Surface sediments contain up to 75 percent wood debris by volume within a matrix of silt and fine sand.
  • Total organic carbon and total volatile solids exceed recommended levels for wood waste in sediments.
  • Sediment samples failed to meet Ecology’s acceptable Sediment Cleanup Objectives and Cleanup Screening Levels criteria for benthic (i.e., living in or near marine sediments) invertebrate community health.
  • The site may contain dioxins / furans at levels that exceed human health risk based sediment cleanup levels.


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Facility Site ID: # 21898438

Cleanup Site ID: 3604

Anacortes, Skagit County

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