Medic 1 Facility
111 S 3rd Ave, Yakima, WA 98902


The Site was used as an auto dealership and repair shop.  An ambulance service also operated at this location. While operating as a car lot, three underground storage tanks (USTs) were found on the property.  Two of the tanks held waste motor oil and one held gasoline.  The tanks were removed in 1994.  There was no evidence of an oil release at that time.  However, oil was found in the samples collected underneath the tanks when they were removed.   The levels of oil found were above state cleanup standards. 

In 1999, the Site was added to Ecology’s Hazardous Sites List with a ranking of “5”.  Sites on the Hazardous Sites List are a priority for Ecology, and have completed a Site Hazard Assessment (SHA).  A SHA provides information about the environmental risk of the Site.  Risk is based on the amount of contaminants, how toxic they are, and how easily they can come in contact with people and the environment.  Sites are ranked relative to each other on a scale of “1” to “5”; with a rank of “5” being the lowest.


In 2016, Ecology hired an environmental firm to drill holes at the site and collect new samples. The samples were tested and they did not have petroleum product levels above state cleanup standards.


Based on environmental sampling, Ecology has determined the site does not pose a threat to human health or the environment.  Ecology made a No Further Action determination in April 2017.  The Site was removed from the Hazardous Sites List in April 2018. 


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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 16374394

Cleanup Site ID: 5597

Yakima, Yakima County

Status: No Further Action   Get definitions of Status terminology

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