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Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction (38 publications 1993-2022)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Automotive Degreaser Replacement Application ECY 070-658June 2022
Equipment Decommissioning and Removal Voucher for Perchloroethylene (PERC) ECY 070-678May 2022
Solicitud para el Reemplazo de Desengrasante Automotriz ECY 070-658ESMay 2022
Fluorescent Light Ballast Replacement Application ECY 070-675April 2022
Episodic Event Withdraw Form ECY 070-656November 2021
Site ID Form Addendum: Episodic Generation ECY 070-602July 2021
Pollution Prevention Assistance Partnership Application ECY 070-592March 2021
EPCRA Section 312: Exemption Notification for Tier Two Inventory Reporting ECY 070-645February 2021
EPCRA Section 312: Tier Two Chemical Inventory ECY 070-308February 2021
EPCRA Section 311: Safety Data Sheet Reporting Form ECY 070-307February 2021
EPCRA Sections 302 and 303: Extremely Hazardous Substance and Facility Emergency Coordinator ECY 070-305February 2021
Notification of Dangerous Waste Site Identification (ID) Form ECY 070-133November 2020
Site ID Form Addendum: Used Oil Report ECY 070-632May 2020
Waste Received (WR) Form ECY 070-590December 2019
Off-Site Identification (OI) Form ECY 070-589December 2019
Generation and Management (GM) Form ECY 070-588December 2019
Episodic Generation: Second Event Petition ECY 070-611September 2019
Site ID Form Addendum: Large Quantity Generator Consolidation of Small Quantity Generator Waste ECY 070-603August 2019
Washington State Dangerous Waste Permit Application: Part A Form & Instructions ECY 030-31October 2018
Pollution Prevention Planning-Request for Inactive Status ECY 070-439BDecember 2013
Pollution Prevention Planning-Request for Inactive Status ECY 070-439ADecember 2013
Dangerous Waste Regulations Self-Audit Checklist ECY 070-384September 2013
Waste Received Form ECY 070-136May 2012
Generation and Management Form ECY 070-135May 2012
Off Site Identification Form ECY 070-134May 2012
Autobody Industry Self-Certification Checklist ECY 070-346October 2009
Auto Body Pilot Technical Assistance Manual - EnviroStars Self Certification Application and Goal Sheet 08-04-017nMarch 2009
Local Source Control Technical Assistance Manual - Auto Body Pilot: Self-Certification Checklist 08-04-017mMarch 2009
Washington State Emergency Response Commission Emergency Release Follow-up Notification Form (EPCRA) ECY 070-306October 2008
Solvent Still Log 08-04-025October 2008
2007 Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Practices Application ECY 070-80March 2007
Pollution Prevention Planning Form ECY 070-99March 2006
Beyond Waste Project Comment Form ECY 070-145May 2004
Dangerous Waste Order Form ECY 070-137November 2003
2003 Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention Application Guidelines 03-04-010April 2003
2002 Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention Application 02-04-015April 2002
Form 2 For Reporting Dangerous Waste Activities ECY 040-300February 2002
Dangerous Waste Compliance Checklist/Questionnaire 93-509January 1993