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Enforcement (31 publications 1991-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Compliance Assurance Manual 21-01-001July 2021
FOCUS: Enforcement 04-08-003May 2020
Focus on: Cost of Spills 19-08-019September 2019
Addendum to Quality Assurance Project Plan: Product Testing Version 1.0 — Formaldehyde in Children’s Products, 2018 18-03-110June 2018
Focus on: Complying with Washington Well Drilling Regulations 03-11-010January 2015
Small Business Economic Impact Statement Chapter 173-183 WAC - Oil Spill Natural Resource Damage Assessment 12-08-009August 2012
Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis and Least-Burdensome Alternative Analysis Chapter 173-183 WAC - Oil Spill Natural Resource Damage Assessment 12-08-008August 2012
Rule Proposal Notice - Preassessment Screening and Oil Spill Compensation Schedule Rule Chapter 173-183 WAC 12-08-007August 2012
Enforcement Promotes Understanding 11-10-023March 2011
Coordinated Prevention Grants 2005-07 Biennial Final Report 10-07-038March 2011
Outdoor Burning Door Hanger: Ecology Was in Your Neighborhood 11-02-001January 2011
2008-2009 Enforcement Report 10-01-008December 2010
Focus on Enforcement 10-01-001January 2010
Focus on Field Tickets 08-10-100November 2008
Focus on Water Use Compliance: Watermasters in the Columbia River Basin 08-11-024June 2008
2007 Enforcement Report 08-01-015May 2008
2006 Enforcement Report 07-01-022May 2007
2005 Enforcement Report 06-01-004July 2006
Focus on: State Water Use Laws: Compliance and Enforcement 05-11-026May 2006
2004 Enforcement Report Policy and Trends 04-01-009October 2004
Water Quality Program Annual Compliance Report:Calendar Year 2001 03-10-018April 2003
Criminal Enforcement A Look Back Over the Past Ten Years 01-04-029November 2001
Compliance and Enforcement Summary Report 01-04-020June 2001
Discharge Limit Violations and Compliance Report -- Water Quality Permitted Facilities -- For the Period January 1, 1999 through December 31, 1999 01-10-005January 2001
Water Quality Enforcement Review – Report of the Enforcement Subcommittee, Water Quality Partnership 99-18July 1999
Spill Scene 1998 Annual Report 99-254March 1999
Enforcing the Shoreline Management Act: Guidance for Local Government Administrators 95-101January 1995
Enforcement Report Fiscal Year 1993 94-20March 1994
Fiscal Year 1992 Enforcement Report 93-05January 1993
Inspection Manual 92-76June 1992
Fiscal Year Enforcement Report 1991 91-63October 1991