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Laboratory Management (16 publications 2010-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Cannabis Science Task Force Recommendations: Cannabis Laboratory Quality Standards and Proficiency Testing 21-03-003December 2021
Labeling Dangerous Laboratory Waste—Poster 21-04-039July 2021
Managing Dangerous Laboratory Waste—Poster 21-04-038July 2021
Cannabis Science Task Force Recommendations: Laboratory Quality Standards for Pesticides in Cannabis Plants and Products 20-03-005June 2020
Cannabis Laboratory Accreditation Recommendations 19-03-004February 2019
Technical Guidance for Laboratories Accredited for EPA Method 200.7 16-03-028July 2016
Laboratory Guidance and Whole Effluent Toxicity Test Review Criteria 95-80June 2016
Model of a Quality Assurance Manual for a Small Wastewater Treatment Plant Laboratory 16-03-025June 2016
Comparison of Methods for Preparing and Analyzing Samples for Chemicals of High Concern to Children in Children’s Clothing and Other Products 16-03-022May 2016
Laboratory Guide for Managing Dangerous Waste 15-04-015August 2015
Managing Dangerous Laboratory Waste - Poster 15-04-005May 2015
Label Dangerous Laboratory Waste - It's the Law! - Poster 15-04-004January 2015
Fume Hoods: Top Ten Best Management Practices Poster 13-04-021December 2013
Procedure Manual for the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program 10-03-048September 2010
Small Business Economic Impact Statement, Chapter 173-50 WAC: Accreditation of Environmental Laboratories 10-03-024March 2010
Rule Proposal Notice: Accreditation of Environmental Laboratories, Chapter 173-50 WAC 10-03-022March 2010