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Water Quality Success Stories (90 publications 2003-2018)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Water Quality Financial Assistance: 2015-2017 Biennium Outcomes Report 18-10-019May 2018
Water Quality Combined Funding Program: 2013-15 Biennium Outcomes Report 17-10-013July 2017
Nonpoint Source Success Story: Washington - Kitsap County Pollution Identification and Correction (PIC) Program Improves Water Quality 17-10-011June 2017
Lake Ketchum: An Innovative Approach to Address Lake Pollution 15-10-014April 2015
Lake Spokane Shoreline Goes Au Naturel: What happens when you return to the basics? 14-10-044August 2014
A Tale of the Swale: Getting turbid water off the streets 14-10-043August 2014
A Little Farm Gets Some Big Changes: Owners reap benefits of cooperation 14-10-042August 2014
Dungeness Bay Water Cleanup: Partnerships build success 14-10-041August 2014
A Focused Assistance Program in Hangman Creek Watershed 10-10-074August 2014
Masked Bandits Make Problems for Shellfish 14-10-038July 2014
To ORV or NOT to ORV, that is the Question: Reducing Impacts from Off-Road Vehicles 14-10-027April 2014
Poulsbo Cleans up a Lot on Liberty Bay 14-10-007January 2014
Kittitas County Fairgrounds – Pollution Abated 13-10-025June 2013
Shoreline’s Aurora Corridor Improvement 13-10-024May 2013
A Pullman Partnership: Not Wishy-Washy about Preventing Stormwater Pollution 13-10-023May 2013
Stormwater Sleuths Solve the Mystery of the Putrid Pipe 13-10-018April 2013
New Tidegate for Batt Slough 13-10-005January 2013
Repairing Wave-Damaged Shoreline 12-10-052December 2012
Clallam County: Educating Homeowners About Their Septic Systems 12-10-046October 2012
Keeping Pollution Out of Urban Waters 12-10-023July 2012
Working Together to Prevent Treatment Upsets 12-10-022July 2012
Year Round Land Treatment 12-10-019June 2012
Department of Ecology Joins Partners in Educational Mission 12-10-018June 2012
Why does Hansen Creek look like Normandy Beach? 12-10-015April 2012
Understanding and Controlling Sea Lettuce in Dumas Bay 12-10-011March 2012
Cottage Lake: Watershed Education Helps to Protect a Valuable Resource 12-10-010February 2012
Turbid Runoff and the Railroad 11-10-059July 2011
White Sturgeon Recovery Conservation Program 11-10-049June 2011
Too Much Water in the Neighborhood: Neighbors find stormwater infiltration provides many benefits 11-10-030April 2011
Investing Time to Build Partnerships between Universities and Cities 10-10-041July 2010
Pomeroy Wastewater Treatment Plant: Effluent Dissolved Oxygen Solution 10-10-038June 2010
Forest and Fish Compliance Monitoring Program: Field Surveys 10-10-031June 2010
Town of Washtucna: The Little Town that Wouldn't and Didn't Give Up 10-10-027May 2010
Liberty Lake: Finding Pollution Problems to Solve 10-10-016March 2010
Cleaning up Salmon Creek: Stakeholder Commitment Makes a Difference 09-10-087November 2009
Snohomish River Basin: An Ecosystem in Transition 09-10-085October 2009
Wheel-of-Water: Turns heads toward terrific new behaviors to protect aquatic treasures 09-10-084October 2009
Door-to-door Outreach: Helping Streams One Home at a Time 09-10-079October 2009
Solar-powered Livestock Watering: Keeping Cattle, Fish, and People Healthy 09-10-078October 2009
Direct Seeding: The Environmental Magic Bullet 09-10-067September 2009
Eastern Washington Veteran's Cemetery 09-10-057July 2009
Whither Woodinville Wine Wastes? 09-10-056June 2009
2007 Department of Ecology Low Impact Development Stormwater Grant Program: King County - Military Road and 272nd Street Intersection Improvement Project 09-10-055June 2009
Estimating Natural Resource Damages from a Hypothetical Failure of a Mine Tailings Impoundment 09-10-054June 2009
Snohomish County - The City of Marysville Works With Local Schools to Protect Water Quality 09-10-044May 2009
Snohomish County - Evergreen Fairgrounds Success Story 09-10-043May 2009
Snohomish County - Controlling Pet Waste in Suburban Areas 09-10-042May 2009
Straight to Implementation: Cleaner Water Faster 09-10-040May 2009
2007 Department of Ecology Low Impact Development Stormwater Grant Program: City of Bremerton – Bremerton Parks and Recreation Department 09-10-037April 2009
2007 Department of Ecology Low Impact Development Stormwater Grant Program: City of Poulsbo – Caldart Avenue Stormwater LID Project 09-10-036April 2009
2007 Department of Ecology Low Impact Development Stormwater Grant Program: City of Redmond – Grass Lawn Park Phase III Project 09-10-035April 2009
Barker Creek - The Future of a Watershed 09-10-029March 2009
City of Issaquah - Rainier Boulevard Street LID Improvement Project 09-10-024March 2009
Snohomish County – Evergreen State Fairgrounds LID Improvements Project 09-10-023March 2009
City of Olympia -- Decatur Street LID Demonstration Project 09-10-022March 2009
Solving Septic Impacts in the Colville Watershed 09-10-021March 2009
Vancouver Helps Protect Vancouver’s Water 08-10-090October 2008
Grayland Cranberry Growers Get Pesticides Out of Water and Reduce Costs 08-10-087October 2008
Chehalis Basin Education Consortium: Educating Teachers, Students, and the Community 08-10-057July 2008
Math Classes for Treatment Plant Operators 08-10-056July 2008
Newport Wastewater Treatment Plant: Extraordinary Diligence 08-10-055July 2008
NU CHEM Central Ferry: Unwanted Water Softener Waste 08-10-054June 2008
Town of Rockford: Thinking Out of the Box 08-10-053June 2008
Putting Pipes on a Fat-Free Diet 08-10-038May 2008
Transforming Watersheds: Middle Tucannon River - Columbia County 08-10-036May 2008
Working Together to Protect the Columbia River: Mid-Columbia River Hydropower Projects 08-10-012January 2008
Skokomish River TMDL Cleans Up Bacteria 08-10-008January 2008
Social Marketing Workshop: Learning to influence public behaviors to protect and enhance the environment 07-10-103December 2007
Improving Water Quality in the Samish: Getting the manure out of streams and shellfish beds 07-10-083September 2007
Chitosan and the CTAPE Process: Overcoming bias with science 07-10-082September 2007
Orange Book Becomes a Living Document: Ecology’s Internal Update Process a Success 07-10-081September 2007
More of Washington’s Wastewater Treatment Plants Achieve Perfection 07-10-080September 2007
Skagit County On-Site Programs: Financial Assistance Leads to Pollution Reduction 07-10-072August 2007
Clean Streams for Clean Shellfish: Stream Cleanup by Looking Around 07-10-068August 2007
Eliminating Dirty Discharges 07-10-066August 2007
Clarifying the Permitting Process: Working in the Water Workshops 07-10-065August 2007
The New Klickitat Wastewater Treatment Plant 07-10-064August 2007
Growing Pains in Pullman: Improving Construction Stormwater Discharges 07-10-063August 2007
Helping Urban Streams: North Creek Watershed -- Fighting Flashy Flow 07-10-061August 2007
Curiosity Killed the Bacteria 07-10-048July 2007
Contractors Trained to Protect Water Quality: Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Training Programs 07-10-034May 2007
Protecting Watersheds: Teanaway River Basin - Kittitas County 07-10-032May 2007
Aquatic Invasive Plants: Removing Brazilian Elodea from Battle Ground Lake 06-10-085November 2006
Transforming Watersheds: Upper Alpowa Creek - Garfield County 05-10-066July 2005
Transforming Watersheds: Deadman Creek – Garfield County 05-10-049June 2005
Case Studies in Reclaimed Water Use: Creating new water supplies across Washington State 05-10-013June 2005
Transforming Watersheds: Couse Creek – Asotin County 05-10-017February 2005
Getting Results: Stories of Water Quality Improvements in Washington State 04-10-070January 2005
Riparian Restoration: A Collection of Landowners' Perspectives 04-10-068October 2004
Focus on Little Klickitat River 03-10-075September 2003