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Water Rights (16 publications 2004-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Reservoir Permit Application: Underground Artificial Storage and Recovery ECY 070-634April 2021
Application for Change/Transfer of Water Right ECY 040-1-97March 2021
Application For Reservoir Permit ECY 040-1-60March 2021
Application for a New Water Right ECY 040-1-14March 2021
Seasonal Change Application ECY 070-200July 2020
Request for Schedule of Rights ECY 070-604May 2018
Complete Construction Notice ECY 040-30BApril 2016
Begin Construction Notice ECY 040-30AApril 2016
Assignment of Application or Permit to Appropriate or Store Water ECY 040-1-61September 2015
Proof Report of Examination and Recommendation Summary by a Certified Water Right Examiner ECY 070-498June 2015
Proof of Appropriation of Water ECY 040-1-26June 2015
Voluntary Relinquishment of Certificate of Water Right ECY 040-1-100May 2015
Donation of a Water Right to the State Trust Water Right Program ECY 070-488June 2014
Request for Existing Water Right Information ECY 040-67January 2010
Request for Administrative Confirmation of Division of a Water Right ECY 070-88November 2006
Voluntary Abandonment of a Water Right Certificate ECY 070-159July 2004