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Watershed Health Monitoring (8 publications 2019-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Focus on: Watershed Health Monitoring 2021 21-03-004March 2021
Focus on: Puget Sound Streams Survey 2020 19-03-022December 2019
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Upper Yakima River Basin Water Quality Monitoring for Aquatic Life Parameters: Water Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH 19-03-112September 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP105, Version 1.1: GIS-Based Verification, Layout, and Data Collection (Wide Protocol) 19-03-220July 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP123, Version 1.1: Measuring Compass Bearings (Narrow Protocol) 19-03-217June 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP112, Version 1.1: Assessing Bank Erosion Vulnerability 19-03-215April 2019
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Measuring PCBs in Biofilm, Sediment, and Invertebrates in the Spokane River: Screening Study 19-03-103March 2019
Standard Operating Procedure EAP111, Version 1.14: Periphyton Sampling, Processing, and Identification in Streams and Rivers 19-03-207February 2019