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About the Washington Coastal Atlas
Atlas Overview

The purpose of the Washington Coastal Atlas is to make relevant information easily available for use in coastal and shoreline resource planning and management. Since inception in 1995, what is now known as the Washington Coastal Atlas has undergone many changes and upgrades to become what it is today. The Atlas is now used by many people and organizations including: local, state, and Tribal government agencies; private contractors; advocacy groups; educators; outdoor recreationalists; and interested citizens.


If you have questions or ideas for improvements, contact Hugh Shipman at (425) 649-7095.

For technical problems with the site, contact Darby Veeck at (360) 407-6371.


The Washington Coastal Atlas is managed and maintained by the Washington Department of Ecology with funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Ocean and Coastal and Resource Management (OCRM).

The data presented on this Atlas is from many sources and is available through the cooperation and partnership of Federal and state agencies such as: the NOAA Coastal Services Center, the Washington Department of Natural Resources, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The Washington Coastal Atlas is a participant in the International Coastal Atlas Network.

The current version of the Washington Coastal Atlas is the work of Darby Veeck, Liz O’Dea, Brian Lynn, Kathy Taylor, Ewan Whitaker and Tammy Pelletier with oversight from the Coastal Atlas Steering Committee.

Public Beach Access data was collected by Deborah Purce, NOAA Coastal Management Fellow working with Ecology’s Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program 2008-2010. This information was built on a set of data initiated by Jessica Archer and Jessica Bennett of the Ecology/DOH BEACH Program who also contributed the beach closure/water quality monitoring data.

Flood maps were made available through a FEMA grant to Ecology managed by Jerry Franklin of the Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program.

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