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Coastal and Shoreline Management

Coastal Zone Management : The state of Washington, through the Department of Ecology, participates in the nation-wide Coastal Zone Management Program. The CZM program is a voluntary state-federal partnership which encourages states to adopt their own management programs in order to meet the federal goals of protection, restoration, and appropriate development of coastal zone resources.

Shoreline Management : Local Shoreline Master Programs apply the Shoreline Management Act at the community level. The Act was adopted by the public in 1972 to help manage shorelines.

Washington’s Ocean Resources : Information on ocean and coastal resource management.

Additional Data Sources for Washington

Washington Dept. of Ecology GIS data : Downloadable GIS data supporting environmental protection in the state.

Washington Dept. Of Natural Resources GIS Data : Available DNR GIS data.

Washington State Geospatial Clearinghouse : Metadata catalog for geospatial information across Washington.

SalmonScape : Interactive mapping application displaying data related to salmon distribution, status, and habitats.

Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS) : Provides information from a network of stations gathering physical and biological information in the marine environment.

Neighboring Atlases

Oregon :

Oregon Coastal Atlas : Oregon’s Coastal Atlas including mapping tools, educational links and extensive public beach access information.

Oregon Explorer : Natural resource information for Oregon.

British Columbia, Canada :

Community Mapping Network : Shows sensitive habitats and species distributions.

Pacific Coastal Resources Atlas for British Columbia : Shows coastal resource information for British Columbia, Canada.

Coastal Resource Information Management System : Shows coastal and marine data for British Columbia.

BC Marine Conservation Analysis : Provides information about marine biodiversity and human activity in BC’s marine waters.

National and International :

Digital Coast : Provides data, tools, and training for coastal resource management professionals.

International Coastal Atlas Network : facilitates finding common solutions to coastal web atlas development such as user and developer guides, handbooks and articles on best practices, information on standards and web services, expertise and technical support directories, education, outreach, and funding opportunities.

Other Information

Puget Sound Shorelines : Information about the shorelines of Puget Sound.

Washington’s Coast : Information about the Washington coast.

Washington State Parks : Information about Washington State Parks

Puget Sound Partnership : State agency that serves as the EPA National Estuary Program for Puget Sound and is charged with creating an Action Agenda of activities and projects needed to support a healthy Puget Sound ecosystem.

Washington State Department of Natural Resources : Maps and facilities for hiking, camping, fishing, horseback riding and other recreation on state-owned lands.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife : Information about fishing seasons and licenses as well as other valuable information.

Washington Department of Health Shellfish Safety : Current county by county, beach by beach shellfish safety information for Washington State.

Washington Water Trails Association : A non-profit promoting advocacy, education, and stewardship of public access to Washington’s waterways for people in human and wind powered beachable watercraft.

The Alliance for Puget Sound Shorelines : Campaign to protect and restore Puget Sound’s ecologically rich shorelines and ensure they’re available for people to enjoy for generations to come.

LandScope : A collaborative project of NatureServe and the National Geographic Society providing maps, data, photos, and stories about America’s natural places and open spaces.

NOAA Coastal Services Center : One of Washington State’s partners in creating the coastal atlas. The CSC supports the environmental, social and economic well being of the coast by linking people, information and technology.

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