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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
General Questions

Q: Why is there a link to the old atlas instead of a new map? Are you going to update the main map?

A: The coastal atlas is being redesigned in phases. We wanted to get new beach public access and beach monitoring tools out to our audience first. Our new atlas map will be redesigned in the near future.

Q: I see you will be adding a new photo viewer, FEMA flood maps, and upgraded interactive map. When will this occur?

A: We plan to have these complete in late fall of 2011.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about the Coastal Atlas?

A: If you have questions or information to share about the public beach access data, send an email to If you have other coastal atlas questions, contact

Tool Questions

Q: I have been using the old shoreline photo viewer with one set of shoreline photos from the 1990s. Where can I go to see shoreline photos from 2006-7, 1990s, and earlier years?

A: Currently, you can view photos from all year through the map portion of the coastal atlas. Just click on the button at the top of the map labeled “view photo” and a series of colored dots will appear indicating locations for which photos are available. Click on the dot nearest the area of shoreline in which you are interested. A shoreline photo image will pop up on your screen and you will be given a number of choices regarding the image. A new version of this tool will be coming in Fall 2011.

Data Questions

Q: I am familiar with public beach access in my area and I think I know of a public beach that doesn’t appear to be in your database. How can I share my information with you?

A: Please email us at

Q: I am very familiar with one of the public beaches shown on the Coastal Atlas and I think that some of the information regarding amenities or uses needs to be corrected or updated. How can I share my information with you?

A: Please email us at

Q: Why don’t you have any shoreline photos taken more recently than 2006-7? When will you be displaying more recent shoreline photos?

A: Currently, we do not have funding to take another set of shoreline photos. We would like to take another set of shoreline photos as soon as resources become available.

Q: I’m aware of other data sets that could be displayed on the Coastal Atlas – why aren’t you displaying them?

A: There are two basic answers to this question:
(1) The coastal atlas does not display local data sets that cover only one bay or county, and
(2) There are other Puget Sound and coastal data sets we would like to display but we need to complete the currently scheduled work before considering additional improvements.

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