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< 10No fecal bacteria could be detected
10-104Some fecal bacteria were detected, but the beach is still within EPA's water quality limits
> 104Fecal bacteria levels have exceeded EPA's water quality limits

Important! When using Excel, set the precision of the Results column to one decimal place. Directions to set precision...

var beachServiceUrl = ''; function Init() { $(".collapsibleContainer").each($(this).collapsiblePanel()); // get all the drop down lists, then set up the table $.when(GetCountyList(), GetBeachList(), GetBacteriaList()).done(function (counties, beaches, bacteria) { //$('#TypeSelect').val(localStorage.getItem('type')); GetTitle(); SetDataTable('Raw'); }); } function GetCountyList() { var $countySelect = $('#CountySelect'); return $.ajax({ url: beachServiceUrl + '/CountyList/', dataType: 'jsonp', success: function (countyData) { var countyList = $countySelect.clone(); countyList.append($('