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Group: Legal

 International Paper Inc Agreed Order March 199703/12/1997Agreed OrderShow
 International Paper Consent Decree08/18/1997Consent DecreeShow

Group: Public Information

 Factsheet for MFA RI/FS07/31/2017Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Public Notice - International Paper Draft Cleanup Documents MFA07/31/2017Fact Sheet\Public NoticesShow
 Public Presentation - MFA RI/FS Public Meeting and Hearing09/28/2017MultimediaShow
 International Paper MFA Responsiveness Summary06/30/2018Responsiveness SummaryShow
 International Paper and Port of Longview Public Participation Plan07/01/2018Public Participation PlanShow

Group: State Environmental Policy Act

 Draft Port of Longview Maintenance Facility Area SEPA Checklist - Signed Dec 16, 202012/16/2020SEPA DocumentsShow
 Final SEPA Determination of NonSignificance POL MFA 2021_01_1301/13/2021SEPA DocumentsShow

Group: Technical Reports

 Closure Certification - Former Waste Management Areas 199005/11/1990Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 Treated Wood Products Area Cleanup Action Plan07/01/1997Cleanup Action PlanShow
 Investigation of Areas of Soil Impact Outside the Containment Area12/17/1998Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 Additional Perimeter Boring Investigation and Maintenance Facility Work Plan01/10/2000Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 Soil and Groundwater Investigation of Eastern Area02/07/2000Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 Soil and Groundwater Investigation of Western Area02/21/2000Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 Offsite Investigation Report and Additional Action Feasibility Study MFA09/01/2000Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 Vapor Intrusion Assessment Report MFA02/05/2010Human Health and/or Eco Risk AssessmentShow
 In Situ Soil Remediation Treatability Study Report MFA06/28/2013Site Specific Technical Document - otherShow
 Final MFA RI/FS Report with Addendum06/27/2018Remedial Investigation / Feasibility StudyShow
 Public Comments on MFA draft RI/FS06/27/2018Site Specific Administrative Document - other (Administrative correspondence)Show
 Conditional Approval Letter for MFA RI/FS Report08/01/2018Site Specific Administrative Document - other (Administrative correspondence)Show
 Maintenance Facility Area DRAFT Cleanup Action Plan 202005/01/2020Cleanup Action PlanShow