Northport City Park
Northport City Park, Northport, WA 99157

Northport City Park from the BNSF rail line
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BNSF Railway, owner of the Northport City Park property, excavated and removed arsenic- and lead-contaminated soil to clean up the site, which is the city’s waterfront park and boat launch. Ecology issued a no further action opinion under the Voluntary Cleanup Program.

Approximately 7,714 tons of contaminated soil was transported to a containment area on the LeRoi Smelter site that was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Some contaminated soil remains where further excavation would have damaged existing trees, buildings, or rail lines. These areas have been capped to prevent human contact and prevent water from infiltrating or moving the contaminated soil.

An environmental covenant was recorded on the property to document the remaining contamination. BNSF must inspect the cap annually and submit reports to Ecology.


We visit the site every five years to ensure the cleanup still protects people and the environment. Our findings are published in a report that is available for public comment before becoming final. 

The first periodic review report was completed in December 2019. Ecology visited the site on August 21, 2019, and found that the engineered controls remain intact.


The Northport City Park site is next to the LeRoi Co Smelter and Northport Waterfront cleanup sites. The City Park site includes both the park and BNSF right-of-way between the park and the former Le Roi Smelter.

Smelter operations impacted properties outside the smelter site, including the City Park, BNSF right-of-way, and Northport Waterfront. Soils at and near the smelter were contaminated with lead, arsenic, and other metals.

In 2003, the EPA conducted a Removal Site Evaluation of the smelter site and residential and community properties in Northport. Remedial activities began in July 2004 and included excavating and consolidating mine-waste-contaminated materials at the smelter, constructing a containment area, and capping the area.

A subsurface evaluation was conducted at the Park in 2004. Lead and arsenic concentrations were higher than state standards, primarily in shallow subsurface soils, which led BNSF to complete further independent cleanup.


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Northport, Stevens County

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