Bingo Fuel Stop
Exit 101 & I90, Thorp, WA 98946


The Site is the location of a former combination motor fuel/deli store. Ecology personnel conducted a site visit on February 7, 1992. During that visit, Ecology personnel observed petroleum product(s) floating on groundwater within open excavation areas on-site, that resulted in explosive concentrations of gasoline vapors while the facility was open for business. It was reported to Ecology by Burns Brothers and the contractor for the independent remedial action that a flash fire had occurred during pit excavation activities at the site the week of January 27, 1992.


After early emergency actions to address the most dangerous conditions at the site, cleanup progressed steadily toward compliance with the cleanup regulations. Soil contaminated with gasoline and diesel fuel at the former Bingo Fuel Stop were excavated and treated using biological destruction of the contamination. Biological destruction of the petroleum products were achieved by providing soil conditions that supported native bacteria that fed on the contamination.

Samples taken from the monitoring wells at the site showed improving water quality. However, groundwater in the right-of-way areas needed more remediation to lower contamination levels below state cleanup standards. None of the drinking water wells in the area were contaminated.

Contaminated soil and groundwater that remained in the right-of-way areas was remediated via monitored natural attenuation of groundwater coupled with institutional controls for soils. Natural attenuation of groundwater is where naturally occurring bacteria feed on the remaining contamination in the groundwater. Institutional controls are measures undertaken to limit or prohibit activities that may result in exposure to hazardous substances remaining under the eastbound I-90 off-ramp right-of-way and Thorp Highway right-of-way.

Cleanup of the contamination is complete and any remaining contamination is below state cleanup standards and no longer poses a threat to human health and the environment.


Periodic reviews are conducted every 5 years by Ecology for sites that have Environmental Covenants and/or Institutional Controls. The review is intended to examine the effectiveness of cleanup activities and to assure the continued protection of human health and the environment.

Periodic Review Results

Based on a Site visit conducted in March 2017, the former Bingo Fuel Stop property remains vacant and accessible to the public. The former Bingo Fuel Stop building was demolished prior to remedial actions. The Site surface is covered by compacted gravel, asphalt and native soils. There have been no changes in current or projected future Site or resource uses.  
Institutional controls were required at the Site. These institutional controls could not be implemented through a restrictive covenant (now called environmental covenant) because the areas requiring restriction are not deeded property. Institutional controls were implemented through an internal notification system for WSDOT and the Kittitas County Public Works Department. These were in place in the event that soils need to be disturbed in the restricted areas, Ecology would be contacted and consulted. Ecology received copies of notification letters to both WSDOT and Kittitas County Public Works Department.
Ecology implemented an agreement with WSDOT for alternative institutional controls on WSDOT property. Now that the cleanup is complete, those institutional controls are no longer necessary.

The cleanup actions completed at the Site are protective of human health and the environment.
Soil cleanup levels have been met at the Site and the cleanup action for the Property has been determined to comply with cleanup standards under WAC 173-340-740(6) (f), since the long-term integrity of the containment system is ensured and the requirements for containment technologies have been met.


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