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Dirt Alert (19 publications 2009-2021)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Cleanup Settlement Account Report Fiscal Year 2021 21-09-081November 2021
Ликвидация отходов металлургического комплекса Everett: новости на 2021 г 21-09-175RUSeptember 2021
Actualización de la Limpieza de la Fundición Everett: 2021 21-09-175ESSeptember 2021
Everett Smelter Cleanup – 2021 Update 21-09-175August 2021
Draft Model Remedies for Cleaning up Former Orchard Properties in Central and Eastern Washington Responsiveness Summary 21-09-005July 2021
Northport Waterfront: Public invited to comment on draft contamination and cleanup options reports 21-09-022May 2021
Real Estate Transactions in Former Orchard Lands 21-09-011May 2021
Working in Lead- and Arsenic-Contaminated Soil 21-09-010May 2021
Legacy Pesticides FAQs 21-09-009May 2021
Residential Developments in Former Orchard Lands 21-09-008May 2021
Model Remedy Focus Sheet 21-09-007April 2021
Model Remedies for Cleanup of Former Orchard Properties in Central and Eastern Washington Available for Review and Comment 21-09-006April 2021
Yard Program Construction Notice 20-09-102June 2020
Everett Smelter Cleanup Update: Spring 2020 20-09-150March 2020
Construction Alert: Tacoma 20-09-101March 2020
Construction Alert: Tacoma 20-09-100January 2020
Dirt Alert 05-09-013October 2019
2014 & 2015 Cleanup Settlement Account Legislative Report 15-09-172December 2015
Tacoma Smelter Plume Soil Safety Program - Legislative Report and Program Update 09-09-126June 2009