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Industrial Facilities (32 publications 2003-2022)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Emerald Kalama delisting public notice 22-07-001January 2022
Dangerous Waste Site Identification Form Instructions 18-04-037November 2021
Small Business Economic Impact Analysis for Biosolids Management General Permit 21-07-012April 2021
Public Notice and Event: Skagit County Refineries Dangerous Waste Permits 21-07-011April 2021
Superlon Ditch Interim Action Fact Sheet 21-09-090February 2021
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Sampling of Pretreated Industrial Wastewater in Northwestern Washington State 20-03-119November 2020
Closure Plan for Emerald Kalama Chemical and Fire Mountain Farms 20-07-019June 2020
Packaging Corporation of America New Recycled Fiber Plant and Modified No.2 Paper Machine Product 20-07-015May 2020
WestRock Longview Air Permits 20-07-013May 2020
BP Cherry Point and Phillips 66 Dangerous Waste Permits 20-07-012May 2020
Puget Sound Energy Water Quality Permit 20-07-007April 2020
Public Comment Notice: Solvay Chemicals, Longview Water Quality Permit 20-07-004March 2020
Public Comment Notice: Specialty Minerals Longview Draft Water Quality Permit 20-07-005February 2020
Public Comment Notice on Nippon Dyanwave's Modified Air Operating Permit 20-07-003January 2020
Public comment notice: Cosmo Specialty Fibers Air Operating Permit 19-07-026January 2020
Dangerous Waste Annual Reporting: 2019 Reporting Guide 19-04-034December 2019
Georgia-Pacific Camas Air Permits Public Notice 19-07-025November 2019
Hazardous Waste Delisting and Treatment Variance Petitions 19-07-021November 2019
Packaging Corporation of America Water Quality Permit Public Comment Notice 19-07-023September 2019
McKinley Draft Water Quality Permit 19-07-022September 2019
Sonoco Draft Water Quality Permit 19-07-020September 2019
Solvay Draft Water Quality Permit 19-07-019August 2019
Packaging Corp of America Air Permit Modification 19-07-018August 2019
Eagle US 2 Water Quality Permit Public Comment Notice 19-07-016July 2019
Periodo de comentario p├║blico: Limpieza del sitio Boeing Developmental Center 19-04-013ESJuly 2019
U.S. Oil Water Quality Permit Renewal 19-07-013June 2019
Nippon Dynawave Extruder Limit Air Quality Permitting 19-07-012June 2019
Public Comment Period: Boeing Developmental Center Cleanup 19-04-013May 2019
Stormwater Sampling Manual: A guide for the Industrial Stormwater General Permit 15-03-044December 2015
Boeing Fabrication Auburn Site: Questions and Answers 13-09-185June 2013
Boeing Auburn Fabrication Site: Vapor Intrusion Fact Sheet: Plans for Investigating Vapor Intrusion in Algona 13-09-175May 2013
Mercury Identification in Washington State Manufacturing: Final Report on Manufacturers in Washington State that May Use Mercury and Potential Non-Mercury Alternatives 03-04-007January 2003