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Spokane River dissolved oxygen (9 publications 1999-2020)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Little Spokane River Dissolved oxygen, pH, and Total Phosphorus Total Maximum Daily Load 20-10-033December 2020
Evaluation of Groundwater Quality and Discharge Conditions at the Confluence of Deep Creek with the Spokane River 19-03-010May 2019
Lake Spokane Measuring Improvement in Dissolved Oxygen and Ecosystem Health – A Literature Review 18-03-008May 2018
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Lake Spokane Phosphorus Input II 16-10-033October 2016
Inland Empire Paper Company Nutrients and Common Ions: Source Water Study 16-03-023June 2016
Spokane River and Lake Spokane Dissolved Oxygen Total Maximum Daily Load: 2010-2014 Implementation Report 15-10-038September 2015
Addendum 2 to Quality Assurance Project Plan: Little Spokane River Watershed Dissolved Oxygen and pH Total Maximum Daily Load Study: Water Quality Design 15-03-104March 2015
Lake Spokane Nutrient Monitoring, 2010-2011: Data Summary Report 13-03-029June 2013
Quality Assurance Project Plan: Spokane River and Long Lake TMDL Study for Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Update of the Phosphorus Attenuation Model 99-03-101July 1999