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Underground Storage Tanks (UST) (50 publications 2003-2024)

Title (link to summary)NumberDate (released or updated)
Focus on: UST fee increase in 2025 24-09-050January 2024
Rule Implementation Plan Chapter 173-360A WAC 23-09-051October 2023
Ecology Focus Sheet UST Fee Increase 2024 23-09-050February 2023
Site Assessment Guidance for Underground Storage Tank Systems 21-09-050October 2022
Hungry Whale Grocery Site Cleanup 22-09-092June 2022
Jorgensen Forge Corp Postcard 22-09-177April 2022
Focus On: UST Fee Increase in 2023 22-09-050February 2022
UST News: September 2021 21-09-056September 2021
Focus On: UST Fee Increase in 2022 21-09-055February 2021
Chevron 90619 Amending the Agreed Order and Delisting from the Hazardous Sites List 20-09-181December 2020
Handy Mart Proposed removal from the Hazardous Sites List 20-09-068October 2020
UST News: May 2020 20-09-050June 2020
Focus On: UST Fee Increase in 2021 20-09-051February 2020
Removing Borrelli Real Estate Investments from the Hazardous Site List 19-09-184MLAugust 2019
Bothell Service Center Simon & Son Cleanup Site 19-09-143July 2019
Snopac Property Cleanup Site 19-09-139June 2019
Unocal 5905 Proposed removal from the Hazardous Sites List 19-09-064June 2019
Plaid Pantry / Gramor Development Delist from the Hazardous Sites List Fact Sheet 19-09-093May 2019
알림: 석유지하 탱크와 기후변화 19-09-055KOMay 2019
Focus on: Storage Tanks and Climate Change 19-09-055May 2019
Focus on : Temporary Closure of USTs 18-09-208October 2018
Focus on Preparing for an UST Inspection (revised October 2018) 10-09-047October 2018
Walkthrough Inspection Checklist for Double-wall Spill Buckets and Double-wall Containment Sumps 18-09-044March 2018
석유지하 탱크 법 - 개정공고- 한국어 번역 18-09-055KOFebruary 2018
Preliminary Regulatory Analyses for Chapters 173-360 WAC and 173-360A, Underground Storage Tank Regulations 18-09-056January 2018
UST Rule – Rule Proposal Notice 18-09-055January 2018
UST Walkthrough Inspection Checklist 18-09-043January 2018
Implementation Memorandum No. 18: Petroleum Vapor Intrusion (VI): Updated Screening Levels, Cleanup Levels, and Assessing PVI Threats to Future Buildings 17-09-043January 2018
UST Tank Fee Increase in 2018 17-09-048March 2017
New EPA UST Regulations 16-09-048March 2017
Focus on UST Spills or Releases 16-09-336May 2016
UST Tank Fee Increase in 2017 16-09-045February 2016
Focus on Spent Antifreeze USTs 15-09-342December 2015
UST Site Inspection Checklist Guidance 04-09-089May 2014
Regulatory Interpetation Manual for Underground Storage Tank Regulations (Chapter 173-360 WAC) 04-09-088April 2014
Focus on Preparing for an UST Inspection: 지하 저장탱크 감사 에 대한 준비 10-09-047KOSeptember 2013
Focus on UST Operator Training 11-09-005July 2013
Focus on Emergency Signage Required for UST Sites 12-09-240June 2013
Focus on Delivery Prohibition or “Red Tagging” 12-09-059November 2012
Focus on the New UST Secondary Containment Requirement 12-09-060August 2012
Focus on UST Operator Training: 지하 탱크 관리자를 위한 교육지침 11-09-005KOApril 2012
Focus on UST Technical Assistance Program 12-09-001January 2012
Focus on Underground Storage Tank Law 07-09-094August 2007
Focus on Underground Storage Tank Law Update 06-09-121January 2007
Focus on Automatic Tank Gauges स्वचालित टैंक गेज पर फोकस 05-09-044HIMarch 2005
Focus on Automatic Tank Gauges For Underground Storage Tanks 05-09-044March 2005
Focus on Check Your Farm Tank... It May be Regulated 04-09-105November 2004
Frequently Asked Questions about Biodiesel in Underground Storage Tanks 03-09-103October 2003
Guidance for Site Checks and Site Assessments for Underground Storage Tanks 90-52April 2003
Preparing for an Underground Storage Tank Inspection एक भूमिगत भंडारण टैंक निरीक्षण के लिए तैयारी 03-09-049HIJanuary 2003