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Reporting Code Help Page

Below is a list of the reporting codes and their descriptions that can be used on your reported discharge monitoring report (DMR). Reporting codes can be used at three different levels in a DMR: overall DMR, monitoring point level, and individual sample. Some reporting codes can be used at all levels while others can only be used at specific levels.
Reporting CodeReporting Short DescriptionExtended Description
A Consistent Attainment Of BenchmarkThis code and its use is defined in the Industrial Stormwater General Permit
B Below Detection Limit/No DetectionMost permits require you to include the numeric value of the lab reported detection level, which can be entered on the DMR form as, for example, <0.50. Use when the lab reports a non-detect or below detection (like "< 0.50 mg/L" or "ND"). Don't include units when submitting this information.
C No DischargeNo Discharge means that the site or monitoring point did not discharge any stormwater/wastewater/pollutant during the monitoring period.
E Analysis Not Complete/ Not Conducted/Not ReportedThis code means you did not collect a sample or the sample was not analyzed for the parameter. If you use this code, please briefly describe why the analysis was not conducted.
FCFrozen Conditions/Unsafe conditionsFrozen Conditions/Unsafe conditions
G Incorrect Sampling FrequencyIncorrect Sampling Frequency
H Greater ThanGreater Than
I Unverified/Incorrect/Reevaluate DataUnverified/Incorrect/Reevaluate Data
IFInactive FacilityInactive Facility
J Estimated Value/Below Quantitation LimitEstimated Value/Below Quantitation Limit
L Dry Groundwater WellDry Groundwater Well
LELaboratory ErrorPermittees should use this code if the laboratory was unable to complete the testing (for example the sample broke) or the laboratory used the wrong test on the sample and there is no data to report.
M Monitoring Is Conditional/Not Req This MPMonitoring is conditional/not required at this monitoring point (MP) - Use this code if your permit includes an exemption from monitoring under permit specified conditions.
O Other violationIf none of the other codes apply and you do not have a value to report, use this code and describe the situation in the comments box. Do not use this code at the DMR or monitoring point level.
Q Natural DisasterFlooding, fire, earthquake or other natural disaster.
WRWaiting On Test ResultsLaboratory was unable to complete the testing on time for the permittee to submit their discharge monitoring reports.
X Construction Not StartedThis code is available for construction stormwater permittees that have not yet started construction (disturbed the soil).