Facility Site ID: 56257757 Cleanup Site ID: 15113

This site has confirmed or suspected contamination that could potentially harm people and the environment. It is in the state cleanup process under the Model Toxics Control Act.

See the Site Details report at left or the documents below to learn more about this site.

Ecology works to clean up contaminated properties throughout the state. Cleanups are construction projects that remove, treat, or contain potentially harmful substances.

Legal 1
Document Title Document Date Document Type
601 Dexter - Early Notice Letter 12/18/2019 Early Notice Letter
Technical Reports 4
Document Title Document Date Document Type
601 Dexter - SHA Notification Letter 6/23/2020 Site Specific Administrative Document - other (Administrative correspondence)
601 Dexter - Initial Investigation Field Report 12/9/2019 Initial Investigation Report
601 Dexter - Phase II ESA 5/23/2019 Site Specific Technical Document - other
601 Dexter - Phase I ESA 5/23/2019 Site Specific Technical Document - other
There may be more documents related to this site. To obtain documents not available electronically, you will need to make a public records request.

Places to see print documents

  • Northwest Regional Office
    15700 Dayton Ave N
    Shoreline, 98133
    Please schedule an appointment to view print documents at this location.

Contaminants 14

Contaminant Type
Surface Water
Metals - Metals - Other B C
Halogenated Organics - Polychlorinated biPhenyls (PCB) B
Non-Halogenated Organics - Non-Halogenated Solvents B C
Non-Halogenated Organics - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons B B
Halogenated Organics - Halogenated Solvents B B C
Metals - Arsenic B C
Non-Halogenated Organics - Methyl tertiary-butyl ether B B
Metals - Lead B C
Metals - Mercury B B
Non-Halogenated Organics - Benzene B B
Non-Halogenated Organics - Other Non-Halogenated Organics B B
Non-Halogenated Organics - Petroleum-Diesel B B
Non-Halogenated Organics - Petroleum-Gasoline C C
Non-Halogenated Organics - Petroleum-Other B B
Confirmed Above Cleanup Levels
Below Cleanup Levels
This contaminant list was based on our best information at the time it was entered. It may not reflect current conditions at the site.