Texaco Strickland
6808 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

View of current building on Texaco Strickland Cleanup Site
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From July 6 – August 4, 2021 Ecology invited comments on a draft Interim Action Work Plan (IAWP) and SEPA Determination of Non-Significance for the Texaco Strickland Site. This comment period is now closed

Ecology has reviewed and considered all comments received on the draft documents. Based on Ecology’s evaluation of the comments, no changes were necessary in the documents. (Download the Response to Comments.)

Interim Action Work Plan (IAWP) –  describes how the PLPs will conduct a cleanup of contaminated soil on the Site.

State Environmental Policy Act – Determination of Non-Significance (SEPA) – Ecology’s determination that the cleanup work is not likely to harm the environment.

Interim Action Work

The purpose of the Interim Action is to remove the source of contamination and contaminated soils from the Site as required by Ecology. The planned work includes excavating contaminated soils, disposing of the material off-site at a permitted facility, managing contaminated groundwater, and then backfilling the excavation with clean material. In addition, the plan includes demolishing the existing building prior to excavation, installing temporary shoring on the north and western portions of the Property, and removing any potential underground storage tanks.

Texaco Strickland Factsheet -- English


The Site is located at 6808 196th St SW Lynnwood, WA (Property). The Site consists of a portion of 196th Street Southwest and one Snohomish County parcel with an unoccupied building. The parcel is owned by Strickland Holdings Real Estate LLC. A gasoline service station operated at the Property from 1959 to 1977. From 1977 until approximately 2006, the Property was a lube facility run by Jiffy Lube and Equilon Lube. The building then became a restaurant, the Aloha Café. The Aloha Café closed in 2018, and the Property is now vacant.


Operations from the former gas station and lube facilities led to contaminated soil and groundwater in areas of the Site. Some remaining contamination has been detected in soil vapor at the Site. Investigations found the following contaminants of concern:

• Soil and groundwater: Total Petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in the gasoline range (TPHg), diesel-range (TPHd), and oil-range (TPHo); benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes, and naphthalene.
•Soil vapor: TPH and benzene.

These contaminants are present at levels that exceed allowable standards under the state’s cleanup law, the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA), and will be addressed during the Interim Action.

Aerial view of the Texaco Strickland Site. The extent of contamination and the planned excavation work and shoring wall are shown above. Graphic credit: Aspect Consulting 2021.
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The Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA; Chapter 70.105D RCW is Washington’s environmental cleanup law). It provides requirements for contaminated site cleanup and sets standards that protect human health and the environment. Ecology enacts the MTCA and oversees cleanups. The MTCA site cleanup process is completed in steps (see graphic below) over a variable timeline.

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Map showing site location as Snohomish County, WA SITE INFORMATION


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Cleanup Site Details Report

Facility Site ID: # 27496218

Cleanup Site ID: 12541

Lynnwood, Snohomish County

Status: Cleanup Started   Get definitions of Status terminology

Dale R Myers
Site Manager
(206) 594-0087

Kelsey Ketcheson
Public Involvement Coordinator
(425) 240-4353

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Northwest Regional Office
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