Kens Auto Wash II
1013 E University Wy, Ellensburg, WA 98926

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The site was built in 1988 is currently operating as a service station and carwash and was historically used as a gasoline station.

In 1996, a leak was detected after a tightness test was conducted on a gasoline fuel line to an underground storage tank (UST).  Initial investigations showed that gasoline had leaked to the soil and groundwater.

Kens Auto Wash II - Courtesy of Google Maps
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To determine the extent and degree of contamination at the site, a consultant was hired to monitor groundwater and characterize the soil.  In late 2000, remedial excavation activities were conducted at the site in an effort to remove petroleum contaminated soil.  A large volume of soil was excavated; however, residual contaminated soil contains high levels of petroleum hydrocarbons, which continues to contaminate groundwater on and offsite. Free petroleum product was detected in one groundwater monitoring well onsite.

In 2003, Ecology and the former site owner entered into an Agreed Order to conduct a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) to compile previously collected sampling data and evaluate site cleanup alternatives.  In 2005, an Interim Action was conducted to decommission the USTs and to remove contaminated soil. In November 2006, the RI/FS was completed.  In 2011, remedial injections, usually an oxygen compound, were performed to address the remaining soil contamination.

In June 2013, a Supplemental Feasibility Study was completed.  In 2013, a new Agreed Order was entered into to implement an Interim Action that calls for the addition of bioremediation compounds to reduce groundwater contaminant concentrations.  Also in 2013, a Supplemental Feasibility Study was conducted and the RI/FS Agreed Order was closed.

In 2015, additional remedial injections were performed under the Interim Action.  Compliance monitoring showed that groundwater was no longer impacted and any remaining petroleum contamination is below state cleanup standards. 

In 2019, soil contamination and the Vapor Intrusion pathway was evaluated. Vapor Intrusion can sometimes happen when chemicals, such as gasoline and diesel, are leaked or spilled until its cleaned up.  Even though petroleum is a liquid, they evaporate easily and become a vapor in the air, often odorless.  As the petroleum moves through soil and groundwater, vapors can enter buildings or structures through openings such as cracks, can make the air unsafe to breathe and potentially cause long-term and serious health issues.  It was determined that any remaining petroleum at the site does not appear to pose a significant risk to existing or future buildings or structures. 

In 2020, Ecology has determined that the cleanup actions performed at the site has shown that the site no longer poses a threat to human health or the environment. 


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