Facility Details

Stetson Heights

Facility Details
Facility Site Name: Stetson Heights


City: Port Orchard

Zip: 98367

County: Kitsap

WRIA: 15

Latitude Decimal: 47.4970321655273

Longitude Decimal: -122.661323547363
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Permit NumberPermit ActionMilestoneMilestone DateCommentNotes
WAR306103Coverage ModificationIPA forward to PA12/17/2018  
WAR306103Coverage ModificationApplication Received12/12/2018  
WAR306103New Notice Of IntentAdministratively Complete1/30/2018  
WAR306103New Notice Of IntentReviewed1/10/2018  
WAR306103New Notice Of IntentIPA forward to PA1/3/2018  
WAR306103New Notice Of Intent2nd public notice12/29/2017  
WAR306103New Notice Of IntentPublic Notice of Application12/22/2017 The facility used the system generated public notice text
WAR306103New Notice Of IntentApplication Received12/15/2017  
WAR306103New Notice Of IntentApplication Received12/15/2017  
WAR306103New Notice Of IntentElectronically Received12/15/2017  
WAR306103New Notice Of IntentSEPA complete9/1/2016  
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Permit TypePermit NumberVersionIndustrial ClassClass CodeClass Name
Construction SW GPWAR3061031SIC1794EXCAVATION WORK
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Permit NumberPermit StatusPermit TypePermit VersionDocument NameDocument TypePublic Notice DateInfo
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Application Documents1/10/2018 1:39:31 PM 
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Application Documents1/10/2018 1:39:33 PM 
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Enforcement Documents  
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Enforcement Documents Admin Order Immediate Action Issued: 11/08/2018 Docket: 16104
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Enforcement Documents  
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Enforcement Documents  
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Application Documents Coverage Modification
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Inspection Related Compliance Inspection-Without Sampling Date: 12/18/2018
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Inspection Related Technical Assistance Visit Date: 12/21/2018
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Inspection Related Compliance Inspection-Without Sampling Date: 12/26/2018
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Permit Documents New Notice Of Intent
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Inspection Related Compliance Inspection-Without Sampling Date: 03/29/2019
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Inspection Related ERTS Compliance Inspection Without Sampling Date: 06/11/2019
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Enforcement Documents Civil Penalty Issued: 07/03/2019 Docket: 16171
WAR306103ActiveConstruction SW GP1 Recommendation for Enforcement Civil Penalty Issued: 07/03/2019 Docket: 16171
Permit NumberInspection TypeStatusAnnouncedScheduled DateStart DateLead Inspector2nd Inspector3rd InspectorCreate DateCreated ByModified DateModified ByInspection Id
WAR306103Compliance Follow-Up InspectionCompleteN4/10/20194/10/2019Maria Zeman  4/16/2019MZEM46110/21/2019MZEM461587790
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteY 12/5/2019Maria Zeman  12/6/2019TMIL46112/6/2019TMIL461589504
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteY 8/14/2019Maria Zeman  8/22/2019TMIL4618/22/2019TMIL461588524
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteY 8/14/2019Evan Dobrowski  9/11/2019edob4619/11/2019edob461588671
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteY 4/10/2019Evan Dobrowski  4/15/2019edob4614/15/2019edob461587777
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteN 3/29/2019Maria Zeman  4/5/2019TMIL4614/5/2019TMIL461587725
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteY 12/26/2018Evan Dobrowski  12/27/2018edob4611/3/2019TMIL461587015
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteY 12/18/2018Evan Dobrowski  12/18/2018edob46112/19/2018TMIL461586967
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteY 12/4/2018Evan Dobrowski  12/13/2018edob46112/13/2018edob461586912
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteY 11/19/2018Evan Dobrowski  11/26/2018edob46112/7/2018TMIL461586795
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteN 10/29/2018Evan Dobrowski  11/7/2018edob46111/7/2018edob461586712
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteN 10/26/2018Evan Dobrowski  11/2/2018TMIL46111/7/2018edob461586696
WAR306103Compliance Inspection-Without SamplingCompleteN 7/11/2018Evan Dobrowski  7/12/2018edob4617/19/2018TMIL461586126
WAR306103ERTS Compliance Inspection With SamplingCompleteY 10/21/2019Maria Zeman  11/1/2019TMIL46111/1/2019TMIL461589005
WAR306103ERTS Compliance Inspection Without SamplingCompleteY 1/8/2020Maria Zeman  1/22/2020MZEM4611/22/2020TMIL461589837
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No submittals data found for this facility.
Enforcement Action TypeEnforcement Status TypeIssued Date
Admin Order Immediate ActionComplete11/8/2018
Civil PenaltyComplete7/3/2019
Field Ticket - Corrections RequiredComplete11/19/2018
Field Ticket - Corrections RequiredComplete10/26/2018
Field Ticket - Corrections RequiredComplete7/11/2018
No enforcement action necessary Complete11/18/2019
No enforcement action necessary Complete10/16/2019
No enforcement action necessary Complete2/17/2019
No enforcement action necessary Complete7/18/2018
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No outfalls data found for this facility.
No monitoring point limit data found for this facility.
This report provides only the last year of data. Additional DMR data are available under: Compliance and Violations > Discharge Monitoring Data
Begin DateDMR StatusOutfallPermit NumberOutfall TypeMonitoring PointParameterUnitsStat BaseValueDesign LimitQualifierViolationBenchmarkLimitNonReport Reason
1/1/2020Not Started WAR306103       -    - / - - / -  
12/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUSingle SampleC -    - /25 - / - No Discharge
12/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001pH (Hydrogen Ion)Standard UnitsSingle SampleC -   6.5/8.5 - / - No Discharge
12/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUSingle Sample371 -  Benchmark Exceedance - /25 - / -  
11/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001pH (Hydrogen Ion)Standard UnitsSingle SampleC -   6.5/8.5 - / - No Discharge
11/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUSingle SampleC -    - /25 - / - No Discharge
10/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUSingle SampleC -    - /25 - / - No Discharge
10/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001pH (Hydrogen Ion)Standard UnitsSingle SampleC -   6.5/8.5 - / - No Discharge
10/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUSingle Sample169 -  Benchmark Exceedance - /25 - / -  
9/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUSingle SampleC -    - /25 - / - No Discharge
9/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001pH (Hydrogen Ion)Standard UnitsSingle SampleC -   6.5/8.5 - / - No Discharge
8/1/2019Submitted WAR306103       -    - / - - / - No Discharge
7/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001pH (Hydrogen Ion)Standard UnitsSingle SampleC -   6.5/8.5 - / - No Discharge
7/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUSingle SampleC -    - /25 - / - No Discharge
6/1/2019Submitted1WAR306103Surface Water Body001Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUSingle SampleC -    - /25 - / - No Discharge
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Permit NumberViolationDateParameterUnitsFractionAddressedMonitoring PointDMR ValueBenchmark MinBenchmark MaxDesignMin LimitCategoryMax LimitEvent CategoryDue DateCompliance Date
WAR306103Benchmark Exceedance12/20/2019Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUMeasuredN001371 25  Permit Trigger Benchmark Exceedance  
WAR306103Frequency of Sampling Violation12/1/2019pH (Hydrogen Ion)Standard UnitsNot ApplicableN001     Permit Violation Monitoring Violations  
WAR306103Benchmark Exceedance10/19/2019Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUMeasuredN001169 25  Permit Trigger Benchmark Exceedance  
WAR306103Late Submittal of DMRs10/1/2019   Y      Permit Violation Reporting Violations  
WAR306103Frequency of Sampling Violation10/1/2019pH (Hydrogen Ion)Standard UnitsNot ApplicableN001     Permit Violation Monitoring Violations  
WAR306103Late Submittal of DMRs9/1/2019   Y      Permit Violation Reporting Violations  
WAR306103Late Submittal of DMRs1/1/2019   Y      Permit Violation Reporting Violations  
WAR306103Late Submittal of DMRs12/1/2018   N      Permit Violation Reporting Violations  
WAR306103Benchmark Exceedance11/28/2018Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUMeasuredN00168 25  Permit Trigger Benchmark Exceedance  
WAR306103Benchmark Exceedance11/27/2018Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUMeasuredN00180 25  Permit Trigger Benchmark Exceedance  
WAR306103Benchmark Exceedance11/26/2018Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUMeasuredN00184 25  Permit Trigger Benchmark Exceedance  
WAR306103Benchmark Exceedance10/28/2018Turbidity (Nephelometric)NTUMeasuredN001462 25  Permit Trigger Benchmark Exceedance  
WAR306103Failure to Monitor10/26/2018   Y      Permit Violation WW Storm Water Construction  
WAR306103Failure to properly install/implement BMPs10/26/2018   Y      Permit Violation WW Storm Water Construction  
WAR306103Improper Chemical Handling10/26/2018   Y      Permit Violation Management Practice Violations  
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Permit NumberAffiliation TypeOrganizationNameOrganizationAddressCityNameStateZipCodePersonTitlePersonAddressPersonCityPersonStatePersonZip
WAR306103AgentStetson Heights LLC18306 Driftwood Dr E Lake TappsWA98391-9462Robert Terhune  PORT ORCHARDWA98367
WAR306103Inspection ContactStetson Heights LLC18306 Driftwood Dr E Lake TappsWA98391-9462Robert Terhune  PORT ORCHARDWA98367
WAR306103PermitteeStetson Heights LLC18306 Driftwood Dr E Lake TappsWA98391-9462Jim Shinn  PORT ORCHARDWA98367
WAR306103Site ContactStetson Heights LLC18306 Driftwood Dr E Lake TappsWA98391-9462Jim Shinn  PORT ORCHARDWA98367
WAR306103Site OperatorBPCI??? BellevueWA98004Shelby ???  PORT ORCHARDWA98367
WAR306103Site OwnerStetson Heights LLC18306 Driftwood Dr E Lake TappsWA98391-9462Jim Shinn  PORT ORCHARDWA98367
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Communication DateCommunication TypeEmployeeCommunication
3/21/2019Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Conference call with owners group to discuss how to get red tag from City of Port Orchard lifted.

I specified I am not with the City and cannot guarantee what requirements the City has for the red tag to be lifted.

Owners group asked how can we make sure Ecology is good with the temporary stabilization measures in place and asked about draining a pond to begin work. 

I explained if the entire site is temporarily stabilized with the exception of BMP's covering water as we do not require water to be covered they would likely be in compliance of temporary stabilization.

The explained they will stabilize everything, then once the red tag is lifted will begin draining a pond providing it meets stormwater requirements and begin grading activity where the pond is located.

2/19/2019Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Phone call from City of Port Orchard Staff regarding permit requirements and to inform me nobody has been out at Stetson heights since it snowed on the 4th.  No site inspections per permit requirements have been conducted.

City has concerns of erosion control BMP's not being maintained and pond levels.

1/10/2019Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Call from Zack at City of Port Orchard: Per Zack and Darren at City of Port Orchard [Stetson Heights (Robert Terhune Jr, Robert Terhune Sr, and Jim Shinn) were at the site today as well as Rain for Rent representative.  They were in the process of setting up passive Chitosan treatment that will discharge into the Tributary of Ruby Creek.  they said they were going to test one pond and then begin discharging.  Darren and Zack advised the Stetson Heights representatives onsite that they would need to provide a written report explaining how this will be done and recommended getting written approval from all agencies involved on this site prior to discharging.  Stetson Heights reps also mentioned they would pursue reclassifying the wetlands so they would have the needed 100ft buffer for Chitosan sock use.]

I called Robert Terhune Jr the site CESCL at 4:35PM and asked for details regarding the information from City of Port Orchard Staff.  I was told by Robert "we are definitely not going to discharge using Chitosan sock until we get approval from you and that we will send over the design rain for rent gives us for your approval as soon as we get it".  I did reiterate the need for a 100ft vegetated buffer after the Chitosan sock and Robert agreed and said they would have this or "it would be stupid for us to use this system".  I also explained these system require him to sample for pH and turbidity prior to leaving the site or entering waters of the state and he agreed this would occur if they setup this type of system.

I spoke with Joe from Rain for Rent earlier in the week who was asking questions about the use of passive Chitosan socks.  I explained Ecology's take on these systems is that they must have a 100ft buffer from any waters of the state as well as wetlands prior to use and they must monitor for pH and Turbidity.

12/24/2018Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Spoke with Zack Holt on the phone who informed me the site is currently discharging the rear ponds via a dispersion pipe on the neighboring property to the Southwest into a wooded area and a creek is roughly 100ft away.

Zack mentioned over the weekend there was a large area by the construction entrance pond which had failed and discharged sediment into the wetlands again and that the neighbors are still pumping water across the site into the wetland which is causing erosion because they do not have a dispersion site.  This is the neighbors doing this to reduce flooding at their driveway and is not being done by the site.  However, the flooding appears to be caused by the site due to a pipe which is not currently installed.

12/18/2018Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Spoke to Robert Terhune today at 8AM while I was onsite and he was over the phone.  I explained they should be piping any water from offsite to offsite and not handling it in their ponds unless they cause it to get dirty.  I also asked where the water in the tanks went because two of them were half full and they were full last site visit.  Robert said they pumped these two tanks half way down back into the ponds.  Robert said the ownership team has turned down his recommendations to install chitosan treatment.

Spoke to Jim Shinn over the phone at 11AM after getting back to the office.  Jim explained they were waiting on WA Stormwater LLC to setup a system out there and to give them an official bid.  He said Chitosan was an astronomical price and they would not be able to do this.

12/12/2018Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Robert Terhune left a voice message saying the baker tanks are full and the ponds are full and continuing to fill up due to rain event from yesterday.  NTU's are too high to discharge and he believes the two options are discharging the high turbidity or letting the ponds fail.

I attempted call back and did not get through.  Left a message saying not to let the ponds fail and not to discharge if possible.  I mentioned there are many other options ranging from hauling water off the site and disposing appropriately off site, getting more tanks, setting up a treatment system per conversations from last week, etc.

Later in the day spoke to Robert on the phone who said they have contacted WA Stormwater LLC to get Chitosan and haven't heard back.  They also spoke with Clear Creek to get Chitosan and haven't heard back.  The Lower pond is 3ft from top, supposed to get 1/2" of rain tonight.  Robert said Chitosan would be out by end of the week and says they got quotes for $50K a month with rental cost.  Another quote for $25-$40K a month and then WA Stormwater LLC said $5K a month.  Baker tanks are still not hooked up as one unit.

11/30/2018Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Received phone call from Rob Terhune Sr. who was asking why they need to cover the entire site.  I explained the permit requirement is to cover all bare soils within two days of not being worked at this time of the year.  Rob explained they only have one month left of work to do at the site before they are finished and would be transferring the permit.  Rob says they need the stop work order lifted and does not believe BMP's should be implemented in order to continue work due to the work causing damage to the BMP's.  Rob also stated they have had no major issues on the site since the stop work order was put in place.

I explained to Rob that we have had several reports or discharges coming off the site within the past few days and BMP's are needed to cover the site since the site is not currently being worked.  I also explained I do not have authority to lift the stop work order as that is the City of Port Orchard's stop work order.

11/29/2018Phone CallEvan DobrowskiSpoke to Zack Holt from City of Port Orchard regarding the site having a discharge to a neighboring property and response info from the site CESCL via e-mail.
11/28/2018Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Robert Terhune Jr - they have had some run off at the back upper pond and some silt fence failures.

BPCI is working on the site to repair silt fencing, the slopes stayed stabilized and they are installing slope drain pipes rather than ditching.

They will get CESF tanks Friday or Saturday.


Spoke to Zack Holt from City of Port Orchard who visited a neighboring property due to complaint of flooding issues.  Signs of large amount of stormwater discharging off Stetson Height and onto neighboring property.

11/27/2018Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Received voicemail from Robert Terhune Jr regarding the site not using the pumps and having some issues from the day before.


I returned phone call and spoke with Robert Terhune Jr who explained he is heading home from the site now after being their all day yesterday until 4AM this morning then heading back out at around 8AM.  The site had several discharges last night and tons of rilling and overtopping of sediment fences occurred.

I explained that the site is in violation of the permit and the Immediate Action order due to having discharges above 25NTU, not sampling all discharges that occurred, not having the site stabilized, etc.

11/26/2018Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Spoke with Robert Terhune Jr on the phone who let me know they were worried about the rain over topping the ponds and were bringing pumps onsite in case of major rain event.

I spoke to Robert about the issues with pumps and the need to bring on storage capacity, treatment, or some other from of stormwater management.


Also spoke to Zack Holt who mentioned the site is currently discharging from the lower section and that the CESCL has not been sampling.

11/1/2018Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

12:35 Call Robert Terhune Jr

Permittee has contacting wetland/fisheries biologist to do assessment of impact to determine if wetland needs restored.

Stormwater Plan going forward is to install ditches leading to ponds, check dams in ditches, three layers of silt fencing at bottom of project, track walking slopes, intersecting trenches on top of slopes, and straw wattles along slope sides to protect from erosion.

Currently installed

-New temp pond at bottom of slope

-ditches and check dams

- three layers of silt fencing

Not yet installed but working to install

-track walking slopes

-intersecting trenches on top of slopes

-straw wattles on slopes

I asked Robert Terhune Jr if he has a turbidimeter yet and he said no but he will be getting one soon.  I reminded him he needs to find a way to sample stormwater discharges between now and having a turbidimeter.  I also reminded him that he needs to report all discharges that occur over 250NTU and implement further BMP's to reduce the turbidity of the discharge.


10/31/2018Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Spoke with Jim Shinn on the phone at 3:10PM who said they had spread straw across the site and were installing some check dams and asked that I contact Robert Terhune Sr. who knows more about the site.

3:15PM After phone conversation with Jim Shinn I called Robert Terhune Sr. who mentioned he had been working with Shelby from BPCI in regards to rain calculations and BMP installation.  Robert Terhune Sr. asked me to contact Shelby from BPCI.

3:20PM After phone conversation with Robert Terhune Sr. I called Shelby from BPCI and left a voice message stating I was asked to contact Shelby and gave my contact info.

3:30PM I received a call back from Zack at BPCI who stated they had spread roughly 9-9 acres with straw, had added trenching and rock check dams across most of the site.  I explained to him that I could not give input on what other BMP's to install but mentioned it does not seem likely that straw will be adequate on slopes at this site.  Zack said he would give Robert a call to address the issue of thinking Ecology will be directing the BMP installation work.

7/6/2018Phone CallEvan Dobrowski

Spoke with Permittee Jim on the phone regarding the site have major dust issues per reports from the City inspector.  Jim assured me this is not the case and explained there is no way to keep the dust down more than they are already doing due to the site conditions being on a steep slope.

I informed Jim I would conduct a site inspection early next week.

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Permit Number WAR306103
Permit Status Type Active
Permit Version Number 1
Permit Id 908967
Ownership Type Private
Disturbed Acres 82
Total Acres 104.77
Residential Yes
Industrial No
Commercial No
Highway Road No
Site Utility Install Yes
Other Construction No
Contaminated Soil No
Contaminated Groundwater No
Project Start Date 4/1/2018
Project End Date 9/1/2019
Concrete Pour Cubic Yards 1001
Is Portable No
ExpandingFacility No
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